Director and photographer Adam Weiss spent some time with Walt Siegl in his New Hampshire shop, chronicling the last stages of the his top-secret build for Puma. The resulting footage was used to create this tight promotional piece with Walt’s own words on his deep personal passion for motorcycles. The video that Weiss put together is a testament to the artistry that Siegl puts into everything he does. –From the crew at Iron & Air

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ray gordon hurst racing tires

Here’s a cool video by Ray Gordon on the story of Hurst Racing Tires– owned and operated by Cody Adams & Steve Adams since 2005 in Oregon City, OR. They make each tire by hand, using the original equipment acquired by Ron Hurst himself when he started making racing tires back in 1961 to supply the local racers in San Diego, CA. You get a real appreciation that some things are just better when done by hand, using quality materials and time-honored craftsmanship.

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The ACE Cafe in San Francisco officially closed on March 27th, 2011. It was the day all the beer ran out, because they drank it dry. I regret that I never had the opportunity to visit and pay my respects to a man that clearly ran one helluva bar– some say one of the best. One that is dearly missed by the regulars, and those from all over the world that dropped in and will forever remember the experience and comradery so evident in this farewell video. We’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary, and for many the loss is still as raw as the day Rob Hough closed his doors. Please keep us all posted on Rob and where he resurfaces. I need to experience the warm glow of his spirit and smile one day. Please feel free to share your favorite stories on Rob and the ACE Cafe here in the comments section.

“You give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

You teach a man to fish– he’ll drink beer all day.”

Rob Hough

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You may recall me telling you to get over to See See Motorcycles (Portland, Oregon) back in December to check out 21 Helmets. Rewind: 21 white Bell helmets were custom-designed by noted weirdo artists, including photographer Ray Gordon of Throttled fame. Well, Thor Drake and company are putting on another event– The One Motorcycle Show (February 10th-11th) where the the helmets will be displayed again along with 10 new helmets added to the mix– one of which is being done by pinstriping legend Mitch Kim). There will also be bikes by Deus, 4Q Conditioning, and more. Admission is free, so shit– get there! 1642 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR

Also, check out the video at the end of the post on how 21 Helmets came together and the many talented artists and wonderful weirdos behind it.

Corey Smith

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Renowned artist Chris Dent was commissioned to create a jaw-dropping Dunhill-centric cityscape.

In this world of endless blogs, online magazines, and internet noise, comes a refreshing and fascinating brand experience from an iconic English label whose heritage and importance goes largely unnoticed and under-appreciated here in the US– Alfred Dunhill.

DAY 8 is the deliciously Dunhill view of the world around us.  I appreciate their seamless blend of narrated films and curated pictorals with such varying subjects as artist Chris Dent’s Dunhill cityscape, the precision and passion behind their coveted Chassis leather collection, and a tribute to Chris Milk’s global collective art masterpiece, which no surprise I love– The Johnny Cash Project.

Just days old, DAY 8 already delivers the perfect blend of creativity, elegance, travel, culture & intelligence that makes the short list of daily reads.  More so, it reinforces that in the world of luxury, not all brands are created equal.  Those who honor their heritage and allure of the past, and tell it through relevant and innovative design and dialogue, like Dunhill, are rare.  Color me impressed.

The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art project that you (yes, you)  can participate in.

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In 1962 I was born in Old Town Tokyo

I was brought up surrounded by the smell of oil and steel, and the sound of machinery

I think this is why this life suits me well

I have Images but I am not inspired by any particular thing

I don’t draw either

I cut steel or bend aluminum listening to how I feel at that moment

I use my own hands and break my back making the bikes

I believe that speaks to peoples emotions and makes them want one


A bike should look good on its own– but it’s incomplete until a person rides it

For me a motorcycle is more than art

It’s something that brings out my instincts– the wildness and vulnerability in me

It feels nothing like how violent it looks from the outside

It’s very serene




The ground and the sky are so white, there is no boundary between them

I have never flown, but it feels like flying in an airplane using a reciprocating engine

I can’t tell you how peaceful it is




SHINYA KIMURA — image via Troy Critchlow/Sideburn Mag

The video after the jump is not to be missed…

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Steve McQueen | “The King of Cool”

Steve McQueen, CA 1963.

Steve Mcqueen is an icon–  and I still don’t think we appreciate this guy enough for all that he did in his lifetime.  McQueen personified the “anti-hero”.  A true man’s man who raced cars and motorcycles, and had a very enviable collection of both.  He even flew his own plane, for cryin’ out loud.  What a life this guy had.  He ran away from home at 14- joined the circus- joined the U.S.M.C.- went AWOL- was eventually honorably discharged- worked in a brothel- on an oil rigger- and was even a lumberjack.  Later he was an avid martial artist and friends with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.  It was McQueen that convinced Norris to take acting lessons, which could be considered a somewhat dubious distinction, but one that I’m sure Chuck greatly appreciates to this day.  

As seen above, McQueen was no stranger to the workout room and had an exercise regimen of two hours a day, everyday.  I love this shot for two reasons- McQueen of course, and his irrepressible charm- but also for it’s statement on simplicity.  It reminds me of life when things were simpler, and in my humble opinion- better.  To workout all you needed was an exercise bike, free-weights, jumprope, a chin-up bar and of course- a rope hanging from the ceiling.  

I remember when this was a part of phys. ed. class.  All of us anxiously lined-up in our tube socks, waiting our turn to try to pull ourselves up that rope.  If you could, you were the man, and if you couldn’t, well…  And look at what else- he’s wearing simple, classic grey sweatpants and they fit.  No fancy– wicking, moisture management, antimicrobial blah, blah, blah.  Cotton was the original, and still the best performance fabric.  

Steve McQueen was, and still is the one that every guy wants to be, and that every gal wants to be with.  Sometimes you just can’t improve upon the classics.

James Dean in Denim | Safe Driving PSA

Actor James Dean clad in Western garb for his role, holding a coiled rope, on location for the movie "Giant."

James Dean on the set of George Stevens' "Giant".


James Dean and I share the same birthday, so I have always felt strangely close to him – kinda like a kindred spirit.  I have seen Dean’s movies countless times over the years, and his enigmatic charm and intensity are just as strong today.  I love watching the scenes in Rebel Without A Cause when the kids are rocking their rolled-up jeans.  Back then, the greaser’s pomade and cigarette ash would get rubbed into the jeans and create an incredible patina.  Oh, how I long for the days before contrived whiskering and washes.  

While still in character as Jett Rink filming George Stevens’ epic “Giant”, James Dean starred in this PSA that addresses safe driving.  Ironically at the end he adds– “Take it easy driving, the life you might save, might be mine”.