Too Much Girl On Guy Action For My Taste | Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?


menswear fashion scarfmenswear fashion scarf 

Call me old-fashioned if you will, but I am so over the whole skinny jean, silly scarf, everything super-tight & femme look.  I for one, have never succumbed to wearing one of those gauzy chick scarves, and it goes without saying that I’ll never even consider wearing women’s jeans– especially if some so-called “rock hipsters” say they fit better.  Dude, what fit are you going for– “tweener at the mall” fit?  Seriously– grow a set, get a tailor and stay out of the Junior’s department.  

I’m so bad, I even have a hard time with wearing clothes by women designers. Yeah, I’m old school, but my admittedly rigid train of thought is as follows–

generally speaking, a guy inherently knows guy’s stuff better than women do.  

Like I’d rather have a guy cut my hair than a girl, but it works conversely too– I’d rather have a woman help me if I’m shopping for my wife.  I know the world is more sophisticated than that, but that’s just how I roll– and honestly, it has served me pretty well.

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