The Fashion Eye of the Rising Sun | STYLE from TOKYO

I keep pretty regular tabs on STYLE from Tokyo just to see what is going on with the everyday Japanese street scene.  Every so often you’ll see some pretty amazing interpretations of Americana & Ivy looks, with the added bonus of just crazy-arse fashionistos who let it all hang out.  The added ESL captions (which I’ll include unedited) are charming and at times priceless, and can usually coax a much appreciated grin to my face– even on the worst of days.  Heck, I know I couldn’t do any better translating to Japanese, so I give ’em credit and respect for putting it out there.  

Without further ado–

style from tokyo

at the exhibition...showroom MAGNUM

He’s designer of ‘HIROSHI TSUBOUCHI’.
So kindly gentleman,I really like him!

Thank you so much showroom MAGNUM.


style from tokyo

on the street ,harajyuku

Thay are student of collage of photograph.

I love this big smile!

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