Eric Clapton psychedelic sg fool guitar

Eric Clapton of Cream and Producer Felix Pappalardi during a recording session for the album Disraeli Gears at Atlantic Studios — Image by © Michael Ochs Archives


I’ll never forget the first time I saw a picture of Todd Rundgren holding what I immediately deemed to be the coolest guitar in the world.  I’m a bit of a guitar nut– I’ve got a nice little stable of beauties currently, and I tell myself that I’d play more if it weren’t for TSY and a few other distractions–  another thing on the list of things I’d love to do more frequently.  Anyway, the image of that majestic hand-painted Gibson SG was forever seared on my mind’s eye.  Later, I learned more about the coveted guitar– it’s creation by the hands of a 1960s Dutch design duo called the Fool, the mysterious changing of hands among notable guitarists over the years, and the recent sale to a collector who paid in the neighborhood of $500,000 for the legendary axe.  It’s amazing what a little paint can do…


Eric Clapton psychedelic sg fool guitarEric Clapton psychedelic sg fool guitar

Eric Clapton of Cream, one of the hottest trios (along with the Jimi Hedrix Experience) on the 1960s.

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