I had the pleasure of finally meeting Neale Bayly a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn through mutual friends and got to hear firsthand about his very cool new show Neale Bayly Rides (that he’s been busting his ass on for quite some time…), and now all Neale’s blood, sweat, and tears is about to finally payoff when the show debuts on Fox Sports’ Speed Network on June 9th, 9PM EST.

This isn’t just a show about tearing across the planet on a BMW– which would be cool enough for me to watch all day long. Neale has a real humanitarian heart, and the causes he believes in are truly the end game for him. The tagline for the show sums it up well– Adventure. Travel. Adrenaline, Storytelling. All on motorcycles. (BMW’s, at that.) 

“Neale Bayly, renowned motorcycle journalist and philanthropic adventure rider, takes three average riders on the trip of a lifetime to Peru. They face unbelievable challenges through the deserts and mountains…but find it’s all worth it when their journey leads them to an orphanage…”

neale bayly rides peru speed show

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Matt Smith & JP check out a ’65 Triumph Bonneville T120C rebuild at Matt’s shop Quaker City Motor Works in West Chester, PA. –Image by Ashley Smalley

My Friend, Matt Smith, vintage Brit bike restorer at Quaker City City Motor WorksSmoke and Throttle, has joined forces with some very impressive talent–  avid motorcycle collector and racer John Lawless, ex-dirt bike racer and experienced filmmaker Ed Buffman, and former director and editor at NBC Shel Brown. The result is this great little trailer for a television show being pitched that Matt would host, called– “Retro Moto”. I’m really excited about it because it’s exactly the kind of show I’d want to watch– all about classic bikes, their history, and the people who love to ride ’em. Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think.


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Hey Kid- Catch!

MeanJoeGreenThere were only two teams that really mattered back when I was a kid– the Steelers and the Cowboys.  I’ve never been a Cowboys fan– those sissy white fancy pants.  Having lived in Arizona back in the day, I’ll be pulling for the Cards this Superbowl.

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Maddict in waiting.


I love Mad Men for all the obvious reasons- so I’m waiting (not-so-patiently) and wondering what’s in store for season III.  Visually, it’s eye candy, right?  The wardrobe, styling, scenery, furniture, props- even the much-blogged-about fonts used in the show are all a feast for the eyes.  Mad Men also wonderfully reflects the attitudes and flavor of an era that I just missed out on, but saw my parents and family in– through old photographs, slides and stories.  It’s personal too– in the way that we all probably know someone who’s just like each of the characters- even see a little of ourselves in them.  I know I do, especially with Don.  No, I don’t look like him unfortunately.  It’s more about his outlook.  And that’s not something to brag about– that’s something to work on.




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