Stanley Korshak | From Ultimate Upscale Luxury Merchant– to Down & Dirty eBay Power Seller


This one really knocked my totally socks off.  

Hey Shak– somethings you might need to do, but don’t talk about it.  

I couldn’t believe their transparency on something so brand-negative.  Anyone else smell blood?  Up until now, no trip to Dallas ever felt complete without a walk through Stanley Korshak– one of the finest specialty retailers in the country.  But why waste my time anymore– I’ll just go on eBay.  Actually, the goods online appear to be a lot of fringe-sizes and odds & ends that they want to unload, but still.  

I have to say, I am disappointed.  In some ways this might seem like someone leveraging Ebay’s reach and ability to sell product– but more than anything it reeks of reactive versus proactive management and not weighing the long term costs to the brand vs. marginal short term gains.   


Stanly Korshak

Go online or go extinct?  Admittedly this is not a business plan, this is being practical in tough times– but again, at what cost ultimately?  I’m sure your luxury vendors are tickled to hear how you’re keeping the lights on these days.  

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