Yale’s Skull & Bones | NWO Secret Society or Just Silly Seniors

Yale Skull and BonesNazi Skull & Bones

skull and bones c1947 ghw bush

Skull & Bones annual class photos are always in front of the same clock-- and always set to the 8 o'clock hour. Here you see an all white male grouping of the '47 Bonesmen-- today it is open to all cultures and women too. Just what every gal wants to join-- a club that worships old bones.

I guess I’m a little surprised at all the conspiracy theories that dog Yale’s elite society– Skull & Bones. All the seemingly incredulous stories are just a little too far-fetched and over-the-top to believe, even for me– who loves this kind of stuff.  It’s not to say that it couldn’t happen– I guess I tend to be too optimistic in regard to human nature and our country to want to believe it.

The skull & bones icon itself has definitely enjoyed a nice run in the fashion world too as of late– with Rugby Ralph Lauren and Barker Black using it as an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek branding tool. But let’s get back to the tales of the infamous secret society– where the controversial theories are so deep, it requires an almost suspension of reality to buy in–

Every year, 15 of Yale’s finest seniors are tapped to join the mysterious order– from several generations of the Bush clan (George H. Bush, left of clock) all the way to Paul Giamatti, of all people. Many  members of Skull & Bones have gone on to hold positions of great political power with an alleged intent to create a shadow government (NWO) and advance the order’s long-standing allegiances & agendas– leading to extreme political wrangling. No doubt, some very influential people have belonged– but are the claims of their abuse of influence & power throughout American history really plausible? Were they really Nazi sympathizers or behind the assassination of JFK for his speech that spoke out against them? 

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