Scott Pommier shooting Stacie B. London for –SHUTTER SPEED– image courtesy of has a great profile on photographer extraordinaire, and friend of TSY— Scott Pommier. I’m a huge Pommier fan (or “Half-pint” as I like to call him…) as a person– not to mention his talent, perspective and attitude.  He was an incredibly professional, focused and generous artist to work with back on the Shutter Speed shoot for TSY.  Scott was the one to reach out with the idea to collaborate on a shoot, and I’ll always remember and be indebted to him for the selfless generosity, the cool guy that he is, and the incredible images and memories that came of it.  Here’s to you, brother.

Photographer Scott Pommier on his Harley-Davidson Panhead — image courtesy of

Photographer Scott Pommier shooting on his skateboard — image courtesy of

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