Make it a Double.

So have you noticed that the shoe of 2008 was the monk?  It’s always been an icon, but everyone’s been hitting it especially hard lately.  And if you’re really cool– double buckle– worn with jeans that are either rolled or on the shorter side to show off the ankle– and definitely no socks.  


That’s a pretty nice pair of Edward Green Westminsters– Goodyear welted, double leather sole– cost more than my first car.  Care for them properly and they’ll easily outlast you.

They are called monks because that’s who originally wore them– back as early as the 15th century.  In the 1920s they became fashionable and have been with us ever since.  How do I sneak these in the house?  Joking, Honey.

The Day-Glo House of Sprouse.

Marc Jacobs

Above– For Fall 2006, Marc Jacobs utilized Sprouse’s 1987 graffiti leopard images for handbags, shoes, and scarves for Louis Vuitton, which sold-out instantly.

The continuing celebration of Stephen Sprouse’s incredible art and fashion legacy hosted by Louis Vuitton, and launch of  the new The Stephen Sprouse Book by Rizzoli, has everyone a-glow.  

Sprouse’s career started in he late ’70s, when after working for Halston, he moved to a warehouse on the Bowery, and started making outfits for his neighbor, Debbie Harry to wear onstage.  The fashion world quickly embraced his innovative, culturally relevant sensibility and downtown edge.  But Sprouse’s inability to compromise his artistic vision for the rigid fashion business compromised his commercial success, and his career was ultimately cut short by his tragic death in 2004, at the age of 50.  

-From the synopsis of The Stephen Sprouse Book published by Rizzoli.

The Stephen Sprouse Book

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