Shepard Fairey- Corporate Rebranding Tool.

I don’t have an issue with all the controversy surrounding Shepard Fairey these days– aside from his hypocrisy.  The guy is simply a commercial graphic artist out to make a name for himself.  In other words– a hired gun to assist corporations in promoting their brand’s goods and services.  What Shepard Fairey has done from day one is re-brand icons in his own image.  The fact that he is going after an Austin artist for appropriating one of his images for a parody does seem ironic and unfair though– seeing as how that’s how Fairey has lined his own pockets.  I guess he’s just protecting his own brand.  Let’s see if Fairey becomes the Nagel of our times.  Wait, that may not be a fair comparison– original Nagels are still appreciating and coveted for their artistic worth and cultural relevance.  Fairey may just end up as a parody of the Obama election and a bad fashion moment. 


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A Significant Historic, Economic & Cultural Moment for America.


President Obama, we welcome you with open arms and heavy hearts.  

The country is in a funk that many of us have never lived through before, and we’re in desperate need of a true hero to lead this great country.  

You’ve talked the talk, now you must walk the walk.

The now iconic image of Barack Obama by Shepard Fairey, has become a piece of American history in itself, that captures perhaps better than anything, how the passion of youth (and youthful spirt), people of all cultures, and the arts have embraced Barack and helped to overturn the old guard.


“Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change…”    –-Barack Obama

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