So, I stumbled across this little gem on the internets… actually my friend Aaron clued me in.  Cute. Complex Magazine has wittily and succinctly summed-up the men’s style blogger landscape. I’d say that you probably couldn’t have picked a better category than the one we fell into. Actually, we’re in pretty damn good company. Though I do pride TSY on being eclectic enough to dodge pigeonholing.

That said, yes, I would like a Schott Heritage Perfecto jacket.  I dare say it is the epitome of “badass.” Sons of Anarchy???  Trust me– never seen it.

Check, please.

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The Schott Perfecto- The Original Wild One.



The Schott Perfecto 618

My last post on Evel Kneivel really got me thinking about motorcycles and their impact on American fashion and culture.  There is no better example than the Schott Perfecto 618.  First introduced in 1928– and still made here in the U.S.A.–it is the original motorcycle jacket and still considered the gold standard to which all others are compared.  The now classic double riders zip-front design was prized by bikers not just for it’s tough looks- when fully zipped it kept the wind and chill out.  


The Wild One-  Marlon Brando & company 1953.

Marlon Brando as Johnny, leader of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in The Wild One.


The Perfecto took on cult status thanks to 1953’s The Wild One starring Marlon Brando.  It soon became a symbol of rebellion and was widely banned from schools during the 1950s.  The vintage Perfectos (and a lot of the motorcycle jackets back then) were made of thick horsehide– durable as all hell, but they took some breaking in.  If you’re lucky enough to find a vintage Perfecto, snatch it up- they are rare and highly coveted.  


Link to Schott Perfecto



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