Matt Smith Norton Manx Retro Moto TV

Matt Smith (Smoke and Throttle) is the host of Retro Moto TV– here with a vintage Norton Manx.


Through authentic content and the tenacious dedication of four single-minded PA motorcycle enthusiasts (John Lawless, Ed Buffman, Matt Smith, and Sheldon Brown), Retro Moto has garnered a lot of exposure, and gained strong interest. Motorweek —  the longest running automotive show in America — aired the first segment in January, and will run another in April. The ultimate goal is to launch Retro Moto as a full-blown program, that Ed Buffman would say — “…is truly about the love of vintage motorcycles, and celebrates the people that love them, work on them and ride them, without any phony stuff tied into it. Retro Moto hasn’t found a home yet because of the nature of reality television. They have all these shows, that we all know aren’t real. They have made-up scripts with somebody being stupid, somebody being smart, to create this made-up drama. That’s not what we’re about.”

Let me just say — This show is going to happen. The time is right, and it’s just too damn good a concept. This is a show for us, the people. We are the primaries, and we are the audience. So if you want to get involved, reach out to me. You can partner in Retro Moto’s success by becoming a sponsor. We’ll build this thing together — it’s about community — always has been in our world. That’s who we all are, and it’s what we do. We go out and make it happen ourselves — we don’t wait for the mainstream world to bless us and pat us on the head. No thanks — Fuck that.

Buy me a beer and talk to me at The One Motorcycle Show Friday or Saturday, or email me at info@selvedgeyard.com — I’ll tell you more about it, and how easy it is to get involved. I’ll then put you in touch with the guys and we’ll get this thing rollin’.

Cheers, JP

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Matt Smith & JP check out a ’65 Triumph Bonneville T120C rebuild at Matt’s shop Quaker City Motor Works in West Chester, PA. –Image by Ashley Smalley

My Friend, Matt Smith, vintage Brit bike restorer at Quaker City City Motor WorksSmoke and Throttle, has joined forces with some very impressive talent–  avid motorcycle collector and racer John Lawless, ex-dirt bike racer and experienced filmmaker Ed Buffman, and former director and editor at NBC Shel Brown. The result is this great little trailer for a television show being pitched that Matt would host, called– “Retro Moto”. I’m really excited about it because it’s exactly the kind of show I’d want to watch– all about classic bikes, their history, and the people who love to ride ’em. Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think.


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