Ralph Lauren | WWD 2002 Retrospective


Having worked at Polo Ralph Lauren from 1997-2001, I am filled with great memories of all the incredibly talented people, the magic of the 650 Madison offices, and most of all– the power of the brand.  Never before or since have I even come close to experiencing anything like it.  When you work for Ralph, you’re definitely part of something much bigger than yourself.  And it’s very true what they say– working for Ralph is like attending Polo University.  It trains your eye and taste level like no other place, and is considered the one of best “finishing schools” in the industry.  Just be strong enough to maintain your own sense of individuality and point of view–  

If everyone has the same exact tastes & opinions– someone is obsolete.

I stumbled across this old May 14th, 2002 WWD Milestones issue that celebrates Ralph Lauren’s history, career & contributions– and thoroughly enjoyed the little trip down memory lane. At the time that it came out I had a much different reaction though. It was not long after I had left Ralph and still struggling with whether I had done the right thing or not– seeing this larger-than-life article was like a punch in the stomach. I remember thinking– what did I do.  Life is good, I’m happy, can’t complain. But I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had never left. No regrets though. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason, and I truly appreciate all the experiences that I’ve had and the people I’ve worked with– and there’s a lot of good stuff still ahead.


WWD Polo Ralph Lauren 1

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Much has been written, speculated and whispered about the man, Porfirio Rubirosa. One thing is for sure, he led a life that few can imagine, let alone rival.  Truth is always stranger and more interesting than fiction, especially in this case– the infamous and always dapper diplomat, skilled sportsman and legendary lothario. Pass the (eh-hem) pepper grinder, please.

porfirio rubirosa polo horses

The infamous playboy Porfirio Rubirosa with his Polo ponies.
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New York Haberdashery Show

Robert Redd Haberdashery II

I had a blast “getting my Redd on” with friends at the Warwick Hotel today.  The Haberdashery Show starts Saturday in NYC, so all of us Redd extended family members” put in a fun day of folding shirts, dressing rigs and pinning boards to get ready for the event.  It’s personally rewarding to be a part of something special like Robert Redd.  I regret forgetting my camera, but Carol saved the day and snapped a few pics while we were setting up.  The photo above was taken in the afternoon before we were completely done, but you’ll get the idea.


Known for their signature knit shirts in a breadth of color- Robert Redd  has now expanded their product range to include sportshirts, sweaters and accessories that are sure to please diehard followers along with adding some new.  Robert Redd is based in Charlottesville, VA and run by a couple of great guys- owner Robert Matheson and Eric Jones.  It’s a brand that believes in telling their story through beautiful product more than selling you their mark- there are no logos on Robert Redd shirts.  I know I’ve said this before, but they do a great knit shirt with a self-collar and open sleeve- The Charles.  

Robert Redd is definitely a brand  whose time has come– so you have my permission to get a Redd on for the ladies.

Link to Robert Redd “Charles” shirt

Junya Watanabe Spring 2009


Junya Watanabe’s (of Comme des Garcons) Spring 2009 collection is a very fitted & fresh mix of American menswear “classics with a twist”.  Collaborations with iconic prepster brands- Brooks Brothers, Levi’s, Lacoste and Baracuta made for some funky updates to familiar models, patterns and fabrics.  What also makes it youthful is eye-catching denim pieces and cool hats thrown in.




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The Robert Redd “Charles” knit shirt.

The Robert Redd "Charles" shirt.

My taste in a knit shirt leans toward the classic cut-and-sewn collar polo, and no logo if you please.  The right fit, fabric and details definitely have to be there too, and the Robert Redd “Charles” shirt delivers.  Robert Redd is also known and appreciated for their incredible color range, available in solids and classic feeder stripes. This is not your Father’s golf shirt, and it’s not your kid brother’s trendy polo either.  It’s the real deal.  People that wear Robert Redd knits tend to be die-hard followers.  Nobody owns just one Redd, so stock up and wear them well.  Most importantly remember to wash the stew out of your Redd.  They get softer and better with age, like me.    

Here are the “Charles” shirt details-

  • 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton lightweight Jersey
  • Self Fabric Collar and Open Sleeve
  • Signature 5-point Chest Pocket
  • Classic Three Button Placket
  • Available in Classic Fit or Slim Fit


Redd like a tomato, get it?


Link to Robert Redd Charles Shirt