Survival of the Fittest, Not Necessarily the Strongest.


I got a note today from a designer friend that’s in the same boat as me– looking for the next gig.  Her words echo my sentiments exactly and are hard to improve upon–

how’s it going?

I’m still searching for “the needle in the haystack” while considering how to re-invent myself.

I think reinvention is the key thing, that and being able to take half the salary I had before,

these are new times and I’m not sure it’s just the strongest that will survive, maybe the most flexible?

the AIG thing makes me mad…..

A friend and I were discussing this movie (Network) the other day and how chillingly appropriate it is for now?

It’s not fashion, but…what is happening and when are we going to do something?

I’m thinking about the waste in our industry and what I can do with it.