Arnold Schwarzenegger with female friend in his prime, 1970s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime with a wig-wearin’ female friend Joyce Gibson (AKA Alexis Love in the porn world), circa 1970s.


Say what you will about Arnold– he’s always spoken his mind, whether people can handle it or not. Remember the 1977 interview with Oui magazine? I can’t print it here, man. Crazy, crazy stuff. The guy’s an animal. Schwarzenegger learned early on that if you’re beautiful, charismatic and powerful– you can say or do just about anything, with a big cheesy smile on your face. All that aside, he’s an icon who put bodybuilding on mainstream America’s map. Yes, there were definitely others before him– but Arnold took it beyond just sport & physical fitness. He made it sexy and entertaining like no one else.


Arnold Schwarzenegger  --by Andy Warhol

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1977 –by Andy Warhol


Pumping Iron is an absolute pop culture classic (video after the jump).  You get to witness the world of bodybuilding arguably at it’s peak– with all the twisted and intense– competitiveness, silliness and drama that sums up our human nature.  At times these brutes are fierce, and other times they’re like primping girls at a beauty pageant vainly craving recognition–  only much bigger.  And don’t forget, this is a sport that comes with a lot of pain & sacrifice.  You have to credit them for the years of dedication and intense training– whether it’s your thing or not.

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