Quonset Hut Habitats


Thanks to our friend over at A Time To Get for reigniting an old love– the military Quonset hut.  And wouldn’t you just know it– the LIFE archive has some amazing images of them being uniquely repurposed for life off the base.  If I do ever end up hitting the skids, at least I have a plan B for cheap and practical lodging.


Quonset hut

Quonset Huts rented out during a housing shortage for $32 per month for a maximum of three years. --1946


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Name, Rank, Serial Number and Much More.


I’m writing this because of a recent experience I had.  A friend that is an avid antique collector handed me an old I.D. tag and said– “check this out.”  I wasn’t ready for the emotion and humility that overcame me as I held the old tarnished tag in my hand.  I realized it was much more than a piece of stamped metal– it was someone’s personal story of sacrifice,  for whom I may very well absolutely owe my own freedom too.  I stood there for a second, unable to speak.  

It was humbling to say the least. 


The image above was taken in 1945, and shows American infantrymen lining up to drop their personal belongings (pictures and letters from loved ones back home, wallets, etc.) into boxes for safe keeping, and in accordance with regulations.  Any items (except dog tags) that could identify a soldier were strictly forbidden on special missions.  The soldiers here were stationed in Italy and preparing to embark on a night raid of German positions. Continue reading




Call me crazy, but I sincerely believe in buying American products whenever I can.  Yes, even autos.  It’s important to support the American economy and our heritage brands.  However, I am not going to spend my hard-earned money on inferior goods or services just because it’s American.  Quality is paramount.  So it should come as no surprise that I drive a Jeep.  It’s a cool thing to drive down the road in your Wrangler- all the waves, nods, and peace-signs from other Wrangler and CJ drivers.  It’s a tight-knit community of loyalists, and I love it.  I also have a theory that a lot of Jeep owners may just be a little more patriotic than most folks, and that the contribution made to this country, particularly in war time is especially meaningful to them.  Of course a good number of them are probably just off-road fanatics, but I’m sure a lot of them must share my nationalistic sentiments.



Jeep is perhaps the most American of all vehicles, and the world’s first mechanical horse.

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