Dear Friends,

I’ve received a fair mount of spirited feedback from my post on Dec. 27th– with some even going so far as to call it a “manifesto.” Did I go out on a limb? I sure the hell don’t think so– but be that as it may, I meant every damn word of it. Think I’m joking?  Hell no.  Let’s put our “lust for life” in front of our “pursuit of stuff” and take this shit by the balls.  Live more, and obsess less about the superficial jockeying that the world would have us focus on.  Let’s leave a mark that years later will be recognized with a fist pump and a hearty, “Hell, yes.”

I feel very compelled to make this the year, 2011, the platform to push myself and TSY forward– into the presence of something bigger than ourselves. Now.  This is the perfect time to go out and discover those living amongst us that truly inspire, create, innovate, and challenge– those who are living life on the edge, and on their own terms.  There is a new generation of natural born world shakers out there that will one day be immortalized in the annals of history.  They are courageously doing their own thing, and heeding the ultimate call– I feel it’s my humble calling to seek them out.

This is a chance for us to be a part of history in the making– what the hell sounds better than that, I ask you fine people?

Dragline: “Stay down. You’re beat.”   

Luke:  “You’re gonna have to kill me…”

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