Discovering Contentment & Peace of Mind | The New Luxury


Today’s challenging economic times (read: recession) have provided a lot of us with a much needed wake-up call in terms of living within our means.  I personally know people that have proactively downsized their homes, sold-off their boats, motorcycles, extra cars, etc., all in efforts to give themselves a cushion should financial hardship hit– if it hasn’t hit already.  Families are eating in more, packing school lunches for their kids, thrifting, and sharing hand-me-downs.  In dual-income homes, folks are making hard life adjustments (out of necessity in a lot of cases) should one of them lose their job.  

In short, we are re-learning (the hard way, in a lot of cases) the security and peace of mind that comes from frugality and just plain ol’ good sense.  We all (definitely myself included) would benefit from learning to appreciate what we have, and not be constantly looking over our shoulder at who’s pulling up at the stoplight in a faster, better whatever.  We have this sick need for immediate gratification, and are constantly allowing our homes, possessions and beliefs to be devalued by the influence of the media, advertising, peer pressure, etc,  We need to put our big-girl panties on and find our confidence in who we are, what we believe, and what we stand for– not in our stuff.  We can’t let our stuff define us, or we have no foundation or substance to our lives.  

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Stanley Korshak | From Ultimate Upscale Luxury Merchant– to Down & Dirty eBay Power Seller


This one really knocked my totally socks off.  

Hey Shak– somethings you might need to do, but don’t talk about it.  

I couldn’t believe their transparency on something so brand-negative.  Anyone else smell blood?  Up until now, no trip to Dallas ever felt complete without a walk through Stanley Korshak– one of the finest specialty retailers in the country.  But why waste my time anymore– I’ll just go on eBay.  Actually, the goods online appear to be a lot of fringe-sizes and odds & ends that they want to unload, but still.  

I have to say, I am disappointed.  In some ways this might seem like someone leveraging Ebay’s reach and ability to sell product– but more than anything it reeks of reactive versus proactive management and not weighing the long term costs to the brand vs. marginal short term gains.   


Stanly Korshak

Go online or go extinct?  Admittedly this is not a business plan, this is being practical in tough times– but again, at what cost ultimately?  I’m sure your luxury vendors are tickled to hear how you’re keeping the lights on these days.  

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Men’s Luxury Clothing Correction Needed


In a candid conversation with an executive at arguably one of the nation’s best specialty retailers, the current state of apparel sales was reported as such–  

Womenswear = tough.

Menswear = worse.

Men’s tailored clothing (suits in particular) = abysmal.

Answer = a wide-sweeping retail price correction is much needed in order to start the process of regaining consumer confidence. 


menswear suits


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Atelier LaDurance Selvedge Denim Bags


Atelier LaDurance introduces blends of their premium selvedge denim against the luggage form. Two standouts are the Suit Carrier and Weekender Bags. Details are the prize in both of these pieces of luggage.  These bags are made from 11oz denim and saddle leather which is produced in the same factories as the famous Goyard luggage. Both the Suit Carrier and the Weekender feature zip top closures, saddle leather handles, brass studded bases, and Vichy check linings.

Their sportswear is a little too modern and sterile for my personal aesthetic, but these bags are great.  I do wonder if they are treated to control crocking (color transfer).

Link to Atelelier LaDurance

Link to story from Limite Magazine