Profiles in Style | Beyond the Clothes


Speaking with Adam Lippes recently, he shared a story about one of the nicest compliments he’s ever received.  Adam was working under Oscar De La Renta at the time, and Oscar commented in front of a group– “Everyone, look how rich Adam looks– and he’s not wearing a single rich thing.”  

Now, I think that says a lot about someone’s personal style.  They look great, but there isn’t one single item that overshadows, steals their thunder, or that takes away from the total package.  Confidence (not arrogance), a great personality (and sex appeal), and meticulous grooming, all go a long way towards defining and determining style too.  

When you have it all, it (style) becomes more of an aura than a fashion moment or a look.  Your style ceases to be something you put on, but rather who you are.   

The clothes alone don’t make the man. 


adam lippes


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