My friend Kevin Dunworth is building an epic superbike that is an aggressive marriage of old & new that is best described by the madman himself in this here video. Bucephalus is a bike that many will definitely be talking about very soon. Make the trek and see it for yourself at the 13th annual Motorcycles as Art show in Sturgis, August 5-11. The theme is ‘Ton Up! – Speed, Style and Cafe Racer Culture’, held at the Buffalo Chip.

“This is the first part of the story of ‘Bucephalus’. I’ve had a fascination with the story of the legendary horse Bucephalus (owned by Alexander the Great) for years–  if you are unaware of the namesake’s history, check it out.  It is an epic story, and I thought it would be a great name for this bike. Over the last four years, when time allowed, I was working on this project of a frame idea I had.

It started out as a joke, me calling it ‘Bucephalus’…and it just stuck. When Michael Lichter invited me to display in his show at Sturgis I had a deadline and a empty bank account. All my friends in the industry (and out) came together to help me build Bucephalus. This project means so much to me, I cannot explain. It might seem silly or stupid to a normal person, but I think motorcycle people out there will get it. I hope you enjoy…”  –Kevin Dunworth

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