“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

― Jimi Hendrix

Too often in life we seek only to be heard instead of truly listening to, and understanding those who matter to us most– the ones that we love in this world. Jimi knew, and it would serve us well (me especially) to heed his wise words. At the end of the day, it’s the love that we give and receive– in other words, relationships, that make this life beautiful and worth living. Sometimes we must decrease so that the relationship can increase. After all, what’s more important–  being happy, or proving how smart we are and being right all the time?

Jimi Hendrix, 1967  Image by © Gered Mankowitz

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Keith Richards with German model/actress Uschi Obermaier during the Rolling Stones’ 1975 Tour of the Americas. –Photo by Christopher Simon Sykes/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The sexy German model was with the Rolling Stones on their ’75 tour, and bedded both Mick & Keef. Uschi later rated the boys, saying, “Mick is the most charming man in the world, but Keith is the better lover. He just knows the anatomy of women…”

When Anita got word of Keef’s tryst with Uschi, she furiously charged at him, and grabbed him by the hair and screamed, “You f*cking messer, You’ve been messing with this bird!”

Uschi makes it clear that she and Keith loved each other– and that while Anita often lamented over Keef’s lacking libido, Uschi, by her account, had no problem keeping her man in bed for days at a time. “With me, there was never a problem.”


December 18th, 1968– The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards with Anita Pallenberg in a departure lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport. –Photo by Central Press/Getty Images

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Buddy Miles– blues/rock funkmaster legend if there ever was one.  Miles was given the nickname “Buddy” as a child by his aunt– after the original drumming legend, Buddy Rich.  He and Jimi worked their way up in the music scene together around the same time– Buddy playing in various jazz, soul, R&B, and rock acts before finally co-founding the short-lived Electric Flag. The band’s first album, Electric Church, was even produced by Hendrix.  Miles returned the favor and recorded with Hendrix on Electric Ladyland. Later, with his signature afro and psychedelic get-ups that rivaled even Jimi– he, along with bass player Billy Cox, backed Hendrix in Band of Gypsys after the disbanding of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. They had an amazing and funky chemistry that really riffed.  It’s been said that the Band of Gypsy’s album, recorded New Year’s Eve ’69 – New Year’s Day ’70, was primarily an obligatory move on Jimi’s part– as he owed the record company another album under the terms of his contract.  Who really cares, if that was in fact the case?  It worked, but unfortunately not for very long.  By the end of January they were done– disbanded following the infamous show at MSG.  And no, man– we aren’t going to talk about them California Raisins.  R.I.P. Buddy Miles.

1968– Buddy Miles and Jimi Hendrix recording Electric Ladyland, The Record Plant, NYC — © Eddie Kramer  “Jimi had a long standing warm relationship with Buddy Miles.  As one can tell from this photo, Jimi and Buddy can hardly contain their laughter. One of Jimi’s most endearing traits was his amazing sense of humor.  Even though at times it was directed at myself, Mitch and Noel, his humor was often quite self-deprecating.  This was all done in the desire to keep the session loose!” — EK


Jimi Hendrix (Lucky Lager) and Buddy Miles, of the all-black badass funky rock trio Band of Gypsys.


Jimi Hendrix on bass, Johnny Winter on guitar, and Buddy Miles on drums Feb. of ’69 at The Scene. — © Bill Nitopi (via)

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