The Sons of Lee Marvin | An Iconic Brotherhood of Famous Look-alikes


Lee Marvin in his iconic role-- Chino from The Wild One.  Marlon rode a triumph (his own) but Lee rode a Harley.

Lee Marvin in his iconic role-- Chino from 1953's The Wild One. Marlon rode a Triumph (his own) but Lee and his brood rode Harleys. Lee Marvin was 10X cooler and had more natural biker vibe than the posturing Brando-- even though it was his first experience on a bike.


I’m a huge fan of Lee Marvin– as well as Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits and Nick Cave.  If I had the looks, this would definitely be the club for me.  From the website–

Jarmusch is the founder of The Sons of Lee Marvin, a humorous ‘semi-secret society’. Members of the society reportedly include musician Tom Waits and actors John Lurie and Richard Boes, all of whom have worked with Jarmusch on several occasions.  Nick Cave has also “been included”, and John Boorman has been “given a card” as an “honorary member”. (Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop, Josh Brolin and Neil Young have at various occasions been rumored to be members as well.) The entry criterion for the club is that the person must have some physical resemblance or plausibly look like a son of the actor Lee Marvin — as such, women are not allowed to join. The club supposedly meets occasionally to watch Lee Marvin movies together. Its members perpetuate the joke in the media.


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