Are You Trying to Break My Heart? | The Passing of Jay Bennett


I have to admit that the news of Jay Bennett’s passing still has really me reeling hard.  An immensely talented, unique and vital artist– gone.  Yeah, we all know the story– Jay wore out his welcome as a member of Wilco, as far as Jeff Tweedy was concerned, and got the boot.  They had heated differences over musical styles and the future of the band.  It’s an old and familiar tale that often ends in separation.  

That being said, I truly believe this to be true– If everyone involved has the same exact ideas and vision, then someone is obsolete.  Artistic tension can be healthy, and sure can create sweet music– like “Cars Can’t Escape” which some say Tweedy left off Yankee Foxtrot Hotel just to spite Jay.  At the end of the day, a lot of this stuff boils down to a swordfight– whose is bigger.  Tweedy won, Jay was done.  Wilco is Tweedy’s band anyway.  Always has and always will be.



Wilco-- Jay Bennett under the hat and locks, Jeff Tweedy up front and in control.

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