“Looks like it’s time to kick some Guinea ass.”

–Gary Oldman as Jackie Flannery

Ask any hardcore Gary Oldman fan what their favorite on-screen performance is, and most won’t have to think twice– the loveable, loyal, lunatic Jackie Flannery in State of Grace. Directed by Phil Joanou (Rattle and Hum), released quietly in 1990, and largely overshadowed by another epic gangster flick that hit theaters that same week– Scorsese’s Goodfellas. Due largely to Oldman’s mesmerizing performance (one of the finest actors of our time), today State of Grace is considered by many mobster movie fans to rank up there with the best of the best.

Gary Oldman as badass Irish gangster Jackie Flannery in 1990’s “State of Grace”

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The Curious Case of Captain Mike.



3224004932_167011a908_bLook, let’s just be honest here.  We all know who the real star of Benjamin Button was– Captain Mike.  Jared Harris is the reason that I will remember this film at all.  He totally stole the movie right from under that pretty boy Brad Pitt.  Poor guy is going through a divorce right now from British actress Emilia Fox.  They say he’s dark and troubled waters– the sensitive, difficult type.  Yeah, and?  The guy’s Irish, and an actor.  Did you know he’s the son of the late, great Irish actor Richard Harris?  That definitely explains where he gets his acting chops.  Whatever they say about the guy– he is OK in my book.  Long live Captain Mike. Continue reading