While walking down the stairs to the Ace Hotel’s Liberty Hall last night I knew for sure that James Hammarhead and crew would have a little surprise– the V7 Wayward would not be another Jack Pine / Ninety-Two reiteration. This Moto Guzzi was destined to be the anti-matte black Hammarhead bike. But I didn’t know what that would look like. For sure there would be the editing of all parts superfluous to reveal the raw beauty of the beast beneath with a very strong Germanic-like design sensibility that said this bike was meant to be ridden and respected– not fawned over like some prissy beauty queen.

Stepping into Liberty Hall immediately I was blinded by the optic white Moto Guzzi V7 Stone that glowed like all hell and seemed to possess the room and everything in it. It was so bright that you dare not look at it for fear of being blinded. It was a nice bike for sre, but just a warm-up for what was to come. I grabbed a drink and skedaddled into the darkness. I knew the Hammarhead V7 Wayward lay just beyond in the main room, but I intentionally wanted to take my time getting there as I knew that once I saw it, I’d likely remain there in that spot captivated for the evening. In an adjacent room stood the Moto Guzzi V7 Racer, quietly cocked to the side looking very at ease, and a bit dwarfed by the surrounding crowd that paid plenty of attention to it.

And then I finally allowed myself to make eye contact with the HHI V7 Wayward.

Indeed it was not black. I stared. I smiled. I was hooked.


Moto Guzzi V7 Stone at the Hammarhead x Moto Guzzi Wayward Bound launch party, Ace Hotel NYC –Photo by Ashley (You’re killing me, Smalls!) Smalley


Moto Guzzi V7 Racer at the Hammarhead x Moto Guzzi Wayward Bound launch party, Ace Hotel NYC –Photo by Ashley (You’re killing me, Smalls!) Smalley

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The premiere of a custom HHI x Moto Guzzi motorcycle

hammarhead ace hotel moto guzzi

Clear your calendar. This is not to be missed.

If you are in or around NYC this Friday night then come out for Hammarhead IndustriesWayward Bound Launch Party and get up-close and personal at their latest epic bike build for Moto Guzzi. Take a look at the plain Jane Guzzi below and then check out what James Hammarhead and crew can do.

Jan 18, 7-10PM
Liberty Hall @ Ace Hotel, NYC
RSVP @ piaggiogroupamericas.com by Jan 16

See you there.

Hammarhed Industries motorcycle moto guzzi

Moto Guzzi sent the Hammarhead Industries crew this lil’ beauty to play with– come and see the build for yourself this Friday night at the NYC Ace Hotel… –Image by © Ashley Smalley

Here’s what James Hammarhead had to say about the personal significance of this build, and what you can expect to see Friday night…

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James Hammarhead and the rad Hammarhead Industries ‘Ninety-Two’ Triumph Bonneville.  –Image by © Jon Patrick

The last time I saw James Hammarhead and crew was at the Hammarhead x Dunderdon collaboration event at the Dunderdon SoHo shop– where he put the finishing touches on the 2008 Triumph Bonneville that he Hammarhead-ed to perfection. It was time to get to Philly and check out the new Hammarhead Industries shop that is taking shape nicely in Philly’s up-and-coming Fishtown. I was shocked– you couldn’t shake a stick in Fishtown without hitting a hardhat. The amount of rehab and construction happening is really inspiring to those who love Philadelphia and have been waiting for the sleeping giant, and the birthplace of our great nation, to arise from its slumber.

Hammarhead Industries is set right in the thick of it all– snuggly nestled-in on Frankford Avenue next to Lola Bean Cafe, and Stephen Starr’s new BBQ joint is opening soon within a stone’s throw. The Hammarhead Industries new shop is exactly what you’d expect– clean as a whistle, industrial in a modern sense, and all business. The front of the space is currently being readied for a retail installation where they’ll sell set-up shop for cash-and-carry wares. The large open center is where the bike-building magic will happen, and the back-end is command central. James showed me around, and we saw a few surprises and made a new friend, Sam, who’s new to the Hammarhead crew and a helluva guy.

James Hammarhead at their new Fishtown Philadelphia shop with the ‘Ninety-Two’ Bonneville that’s about to be crated. –Image by © Jon Patrick

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Tonight 5/31 is Round 3 of the Hammarhead x Dunderdon collaboration event — the last in a 3 week series of Thursday nights at the Dunderdon SoHo shop. James will be finishing up the 2008 Triumph Bonneville that has been Hammarhead-ed to perfection each week at Dunderdon. In addition to the bike, there is the product collaboration to admire and shop– the deerskin welding jacket is getting a shit ton of raves. Click-through to check out photos from week #2, and come to the Dunderdon SoHo shop on Howard Street tonight to see the completed Hammarhead Industries bike.

Hammarhead Triumph bike build — Photo courtesy of Hammarhead Industries and Shaun Castillon

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Tonight 5/24 is Round 2 of the Hammarhead x Dunderdon collaboration event — the second in a 3 week series of Thursday nights at the Dunderdon SoHo shop. James will be working away on the 2008 Triumph Bonneville that is being morphed before our eyes into an original Hammarhead Industries creation live at Dunderdon. In addition to the bike, there is the incredible product collaboration with one of a kind pieces– my favorite being this amazing deerskin welding jacket that James and Dunderdon designed based on an old relic of a photo. They were taken by the clean, honest construction and simple lines of the piece and how functional and timeless it was, not just for welding and grinding and such– but also for a blast around the block on your bike. What I like is that all the pieces of the collection is that they clearly have utility in mind, are no nonsense in design, yet the materials and trim are extremely durable and over-engineered, reminding me of the Hammarhead Industries bikes themselves.

GL1(HHI) Work Glove (as seen worn by James Hammarhead above)
• hand sewn domestic deerskin
• seamless die cut palm
• outseam construction
• made in USA

J77(HHI) Welder’s Jacket

• classic welding jacket optimized for welding, grinding and the fast test ride
• high collar and adjustable cuff
• waxed for weather protection (Otter Wax)
• 1.3 mm suede from cow split leather
• Kevlar thread on all seams
• rivets at seam endings and pocket corners
• snap buttons for easy use
• two zipped chest pockets; one large internal pocket
• made in Sweden


The Hammarhead x Dunderdon collaboration events start tonight, I’m checking it out. Hope to see you there. It’ll be cool to see the bike build unfold over the next 3 Thursdays. Spirits provided by our friends at Art In The Age and beer by Sixpoint Brewery. 

WHAT:  Over the span of 3 weeks in May, Hammarhead Industries will design and fabricate a custom motorcycle at Dunderdon NYC.

WHEN:  6-9PM, Thursdays – May 17, 24, 31

WHERE:  DUNDERON 25 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013

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