New York Haberdashery Show

Robert Redd Haberdashery II

I had a blast “getting my Redd on” with friends at the Warwick Hotel today.  The Haberdashery Show starts Saturday in NYC, so all of us Redd extended family members” put in a fun day of folding shirts, dressing rigs and pinning boards to get ready for the event.  It’s personally rewarding to be a part of something special like Robert Redd.  I regret forgetting my camera, but Carol saved the day and snapped a few pics while we were setting up.  The photo above was taken in the afternoon before we were completely done, but you’ll get the idea.


Known for their signature knit shirts in a breadth of color- Robert Redd  has now expanded their product range to include sportshirts, sweaters and accessories that are sure to please diehard followers along with adding some new.  Robert Redd is based in Charlottesville, VA and run by a couple of great guys- owner Robert Matheson and Eric Jones.  It’s a brand that believes in telling their story through beautiful product more than selling you their mark- there are no logos on Robert Redd shirts.  I know I’ve said this before, but they do a great knit shirt with a self-collar and open sleeve- The Charles.  

Robert Redd is definitely a brand  whose time has come– so you have my permission to get a Redd on for the ladies.

Link to Robert Redd “Charles” shirt



The impeccable designer and author - Jeffrey Banks.

Jeffrey Banks, great American fashion designer.


Jeffrey is one of those guys that seems to have been born with impeccable style.  As a high-schooler working at the legendary shop Britches, he was tapped by Ralph to come work for him.  Ralph became very fond of Jeffrey– he even lent him his own personal tuxedo and pumps for his Senior Prom.  Polo was a small company back then, so he worked directly with Ralph as his design assistant, and they are still close today.    Jeffrey, passionate about design, made the decision to leave Polo and finish his studies at Pratt Institute and Parsons.  Jeffrey later designed for Calvin, and Merona Sportswear, among others. He launched his own menswear collection in 1977 to much acclaim, and is among the “who’s who” of fashion and a longtime member of the CFDA.


Shearling trench coat by Jeffrey Banks.

Jeffrey Banks incredible shearling coat.


One of my many obsessions in life is Shearling coats.  So when Jeffrey showed me  this clipping of a shearling trench he did years ago- well frankly, I lost it. Thanks Jeffrey.  Yes, thanks for creating a huge, gaping hole in me that can now only be filled with a shearling trench coat.  This is one of the most chic and sexy pieces I have ever laid eyes on.  It’s no surprise though, coming from Jeffrey- one of the most dapper guys going, and a two-time winner of the Coty American Fashion Critics award.   Continue reading