Saturday Gig | Vulcan Motor Club

Vulcan Motor Club

I had mentioned awhile back that I have a new Saturday gig, and it’s not a bad one at that.  Friends of mine started-up the Vulcan Motor Club in Chester, NJ (where I hang) and have also recently branched out to Long Island, NY.  The club makes a lot more sense than sinking tons of your own dough into buying an exotic–  when you join immediately there’s an arsenal of the latest high performance and luxury vehicles at your fingertips, with none of the ownership worries in terms of maintenance, upkeep, depreciation, etc.  All you need to worry about is– which car will it be today?  

Maybe I’m too “old school” for my own good, but my favorite ride in the fleet is a ’65 Shelby Cobra (replica) fitted with a snarling 565 hp 427 aluminum block V-8.  For pure power, torque and thrill it’s the real deal, and a real driver’s car too.  Paddle shifters are cool, but I’d rather feel big-block, 4-on-the-floor rumble any day of the week.  There are several membership options and new Spring specials, with delivery and pick-up available within 60 miles.  

So if this sounds like the rush you’ve been looking for–  I can hook that up.

Vulcan Motor Club

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