I have to be honest, I’m always more than a little dubious when someone coming from a Fashion Director or Merchandise Manager-type post throws his hat into the design ring.  As a Fashion Director at somewhere special like Bergdorf Goodman, you have access to the best menswear labels and goods that the world has to offer, and your playground is one of the tastiest retail environments going.  It’s hard not to look good with those kind of resources at your fingertips.  The question is– can you truly create your own vision?



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Fall 2009 Menswear “Inspirations”

So, WWD posted menswear designer’s “inspiration” behind the fashion that’s being/been presented for Fall 2009.  I have to say- yes, some of it is really inspired, some of it is derivative dribble about rock ‘n’ roll, rebels & authentic workwear yada, yada– and some of it is pretty telling in other ways if you read between the lines– something I probably do too much of.  Some of my initial thoughts on the inspirations alone–

Fantasy Fashion League

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