John Harman (and I believe, brothers Harry & Bill Holland) in the early days of H & H Cycle which was born from John Harman’s revolutionary design for an internally sprung girder that was not only easy on the eyes– the performance and quality far exceeded what was commonly found on the market at that time, setting a new standard that others tried to followed– but there really was no other like Harman.

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brother moto the selvedge yard godspeedco 4

“It’s one of those places that you immediately make a note about, reminding yourself that a visit is in order. Among the dizzying amount of photos, rants and new’s updates that come across my phone’s screen daily, Atlanta’s Brother Moto continued to appear more and more. Several weeks back, a petition was circulating the web aimed at helping Brother Moto retain their space in East Atlanta. Apparently the city zoning committee decided to retract their permit claiming this particular moto-establishment was a shop providing ‘repair’, and because East Atlanta only allows 2 ‘repair shops’ under their NC-2 zoning Brother Moto would be forced to shut their doors. A shame really. While there were a few bikes neatly parked away, the atmosphere I encountered the moment I walked into their space couldn’t have been further from the definition of a repair shop.”

–Chris Logsdon

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betty brosmer

Betty Brosmer was the highest paid supermodel of the 1950s – winning more than 50 beauty contests before the age of 20 yrs old, posing for more than 300 magazine covers, and stunning men and women alike with her insane hourglass figure (38″-18″-36″)! You litereally could not go anywhere without seeing her image in a magazine, on a record album, or store window display. She married the fitness icon Joe Weider in 1961, and joined his fitness lifestyle empire. Together they co-authored several books on bodybuilding, and founded the International Federation of BodyBuilders. Check out this trove of photos of Betty Brosmer in her stunning prime.

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Chris Logsdon (The GodSpeed Co.) shares his thoughts and images of the Deus Ex Machina 2nd Annual NYC Sunday Mass Ride, and the 1st Annual ‘Split’n Lanes & Dodgin Gutters!’ Classic Motorcycle Show–

chris logsdon godspeedco tsy 1

New York City. No better city in the world. When it comes to riding there’s so much to love about it and at the same time so much to hate. This past weekend L.A. based Deus Ex Machina held it’s 2nd annual Sunday Mass NYC ride. A ride I missed out on last year, ironically because I was in LA. A ride I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss this year.

chris logsdon godspeedco tsy 2

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THE ONE MOTORCYCLE SHOW 2014 RECAP | AKA #the1snow #pdxsnowmageddon


El Solitario’s out-of-this-world custom BMW “Impostor” at The One Motorcycle Show, 2014

The One Motorcycle Show thrown by Thor Drake, Tori George and the rest of the gang at See See Motor Coffee, has become my favorite annual getaway. It’s the good-time, anti-corporate bike show– no crusty convention center, sterile brochures, cheesy models, cookie-cutter exhibits, or plastic smiles. Everyone is having a fucking blast, seeing old friends, meeting new, grabbing a coffee or a beer, and checking out the sea of cool bikes, photography, art, and of course the 21 Helmets exhibit.


Ornamental Conifer’s handiwork x New Church Moto, Ginger McCabe’s bike
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barred outlaw magazine

From the archives of Nostalgia on Wheels comes this lil’ peek at Barred Outlaw Motorcycle magazine– a biker exploitation rag written not for riders, but for voyeurs looking for what makes those bad boys tick. Think of it as a primer for squares on bikers. There’s just enough laughable, inaccurate and hyperbolic writing that when they do actually mention the true 1%’er  MC’s it kinda lacks any sting. Hell, they can’t even get the year right for when The Wild One (the Godfather of all biker exploitation flicks) was filmed… ca. 1960??? What I do love about the magazine is the use of images, the layouts, fonts, etc. It is pure gold for the design-minded among us. It’s kinda refreshing compared to all the stripped-down aesthetic out there right now.

barred outlaw motorcycle magazine

BARRED OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE SPECIAL– ANGELS FROM HELL! Today’s rebels on wheels, living a legend of violence and excitement. Their love is hate…for everything and everyone– but each other!

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In 1959, the Chosen Few MC officially formed out in LA on the cusp of the chaotic ’60s. As they tell it —“The 60s was a hell of a time. With the Civil Rights Movement, The Viet Nam War, Flower Power & Free Love. Sex, Drugs, and  Rock & Roll. Also the Crazy World of the Outlaw Bikers…When you talk of the Outlaw Bikers you automatically think of ‘Them Crazy White Boys’ doing what a lot of folk wish they could do. Live Life Like You Want & Fuck You And Your Rules. Well Guess What? There was some crazy Black bikers who felt the same way, and didn’t give a Fuck. Thus was born the Black Outlaw Bikers!”

Now there is a documentary film on the Chosen Few to be released that tells their story. Hearing these guys speak about their brotherhood and love of riding in the above trailer gave me chills. If you like what you see, like their page, follow them on twitter, leave a comment on their site— all that social media shit that says YES, GIVE IT TO ME! I WANT TO SEE IT!

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I was pretty stoked when Doug Gunn sent me a copy of — Vintage Menswear — A Collection from the Vintage Showroom — as I’ve long been an admirer. Being in the menswear trade myself, London has always been a favorite stop for inspiration, and there’s no better place to be inspired than The Vintage Showroom. The collection is insane and beautifully presented, covering everything from academia, sporting, hunting, motoring, military wear, workwear, denim– it’s no surprise that they are one of the most complete and prestigious vintage dealers in the world. Of special interest to me are all things related to motoring as you see below including vintage leathers, Barbour, Belstaff, etc., and all the great snippets of the history, construction, and function behind the pieces.


CHAMPION CAR CLUB JACKET, 1950s– “This is a simple, zip-up cotton jacket with fish-eye buttons at the cuffs and a short collar. What it signifies, however, is so much more. The hand-embroidered, chain-stitched imagery on its back places it squarely in the 1950s, at the height of the hot-rodding craze in the US. Hot-rodding was said to have been driven by young men returning from service abroad after World War II who had technical knowledge, time on their hands, and the habit of spending long days in male, if not macho, company. Rebuilding and boosting cars for feats of both spectacle and speed — often 1930s Ford Model Ts, As and Bs, stripped of extraneous parts, engines tuned or replaced, tires beefed up for better traction, and a show-stopping paint job as the final touch — became an issue of social status among hot-rodding’s participants. This status was expressed through clothing too. There were the ‘hot-rodders’ of the 1930s, when car modification for racing across dry lakes in California was more an innovative sport than a subculture, complete with the Southern California Timing Association of 1937 providing ‘official’ sanction. But by the 1950s, hot-rodding was a style too.  decade later it was, as many niche tastes are, commercialized and mainstream, with car design showing hot-rod traits.”  –Vintage Menswear, Douglas Gunn, Roy Luckett& Josh Sims

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“Ghost Rider” by Shawn Dickinson

A product of SoCal, Shawn Dickinson grew up inspired by the surrounding counterculture of custom Hot Rods, Surfers, and the iconic art that was produced by the legends before him– you see the classic Rat Fink and Tiki influences that, in his hands, are at once timeless and fresh.  He got his chops as a cartoonist for the underground Untamed Highway, which was chock full of 1950’s Kustom Kulture. Dickinson went on to illustrate posters for Rockabilly and garage bands, not to mention numerous comic projects and commissioned works. 

I’m a big fan of the guy’s work.  As he describes it, Dickinson’s creations and medium are a throwback fusion of, “Imagery stylistically inspired by 1930’s cartoons (what I feel was the craziest era for cartoons), mixed with iconic imagery inspired by 1950’s & 1960’s rock n’ roll, cars, bikes, etc. (what I feel was the craziest era for all those things). And I still paint with watercolor and India ink.”  Love it.

Shawn Dickinson featured in Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine

“Smooth” by Shawn Dickinson

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