Nasty Move | Knocking-Off Nat.

It’s been announced that Charlie Sheen is launching his own clothing line based on the “style” of his character on Two and a Half Men.  Way to strike while the iron is hot!  I think most of the world has moved on–aside from a few guys in Clifton, NJ.  Besides, that line already exists–Nat Nast (you may have also noticed their signature retro shirts on The Sopranos and Friends).  I think it’s a pretty nasty move.  Not only does Charlie fail to openly acknowledge the brand largely responsible for the past success of his character’s look on the show, but now he’s going to line his pockets by knocking them off?  Classy move.  

I really hope I’ve got this story completely wrong, and that Nat Nast is actually involved in the deal– but unfortunately I haven’t heard their name mentioned once. 

charlie sheenimage_heritage_02

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