The Bow Tie | A Love/Hate Relationship

bow tiePee Wee Herman

The bow tie is probably the most polarizing accessory in menswear.  Guys tend to either love ’em or hate ’em.  I say, if you want to wear them, you must be confident and know a few things right from the get go–

1.) Don’t think you’re being original– some say the bow tie is the most unoriginal attempt to be original.  I’ve even heard them referred to as the nose-ring equivalent for conservatives– that one always gives me a chuckle.  

2.) Don’t wear them often, or where you know you’ll be one of many donning a bow tie.

3.) Some guys will think you’re a pompous tool– the bow tie can be like wearing the middle finger around your neck.  It just flat-out turns some people off. 

4.) Some guys will think you’re a nerd or lightweight– think Pee Wee Herman or Orville Redenbacher.

5.) They look best when you’re well-layered.  They bow tie can easily be underwhelming when there is a lot of shirt showing.  A sweater or vest will nicely frame a bow tie and make it pop with more power.

Personally, I stay away from them.  They just aren’t my flavor, and I have absolutely no desire to be known as that guy in the bow tie.  The bow tie is something that to me, always feels better in a nostalgic “looking back” kind of way.  I know guys that can definitely pull them off, but that guy isn’t me.  We have to know our limits– I’m no Andre 3000.

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