I had the pleasure of finally meeting Neale Bayly a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn through mutual friends and got to hear firsthand about his very cool new show Neale Bayly Rides (that he’s been busting his ass on for quite some time…), and now all Neale’s blood, sweat, and tears is about to finally payoff when the show debuts on Fox Sports’ Speed Network on June 9th, 9PM EST.

This isn’t just a show about tearing across the planet on a BMW– which would be cool enough for me to watch all day long. Neale has a real humanitarian heart, and the causes he believes in are truly the end game for him. The tagline for the show sums it up well– Adventure. Travel. Adrenaline, Storytelling. All on motorcycles. (BMW’s, at that.) 

“Neale Bayly, renowned motorcycle journalist and philanthropic adventure rider, takes three average riders on the trip of a lifetime to Peru. They face unbelievable challenges through the deserts and mountains…but find it’s all worth it when their journey leads them to an orphanage…”

neale bayly rides peru speed show

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Thank you. Everyone. For making it such a special night. We celebrated artistic collaboration, friendship, and the incredible fruit born from it all that will always live on. Stacie B. London and crew were in top form. The TSY — SHUTTER SPEED photos by Scott Pommier are sick.  Film by Toast had me speechless and humbled, staring at the screen with a wicked grin– check it out after the jump. And the setting. WTF can I say, it was Secret Service LA. First Class operation, and beautiful people. Thank you very much Chad & Sam. And then there’s Nick Maggio.  The wise-cracking, luvable lensman, who captured some incredible image of the evening here. Thanks, brother.

We also had some very memorable moments, like being graced by the presence of…the epic photographer Robert Yager who came out for the show, and Ian and the great folks at Falcon Motorcycles. And did I thank Secret Service already?  Rad.  Everyone of you.  Let’s do it again soon.  I’m thinking already about the next ‘World Shakers’ event… Bonneville, anyone?

Here are Scott Pommier’s amazing shots of Stacie B. London–

TSY — SHUTTER SPEED — Photograph of Stacie B. London by Scott Pommier

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Three decades ago, 24 year old architecture student, Elspeth Beard, set out to ride her bike around the world– a trek that would take 3 years and over 48K miles. The young Englishwoman, who’d been riding since she was just 16 yrs old, had already taken a few solo journeys to Scotland and Ireland– and now was ready to take on more before she finished school and settled down into a career.

Beard’s bike was a used 1974 BMW R 60/6 flat-twin, already with 30K miles, that she bought from a friend of a friend. Her around-the-world bike trek began in New York– “It cost $340 to send the bike and $197 for my own air fare,” she recalls. From NYC she rode up through Canada, then headed south through Mexico and Los Angeles– racking up 5K miles. From LA Beard shipped the bike to Sydney, while she first headed to New Zealand for a visit while her motorcycle was en route.

That’s when her luck started to run out…

elspeth beard bmw motorcycle

Elspeth Beard and her ’74 BMW R 60/6 that she rode around the world over the course of three years. “I worked for months in a pub saving the money to buy my BMW 600. That gave me the bug for travel on a bike. It’s the best way to get around – cheap, efficient and I enjoy the freedom.”  –Elspeth Beard (photo of Elspeth shortly after returning home by Peter Orme) (via) She also made her BMW’s lockable top-box and panniers out of riveted aluminum sheets while living and working in Sydney during her around-the-world trek. It was a necessary stop when the funds she’d scraped together as working student ran out– she’d end up spending a total of seven months apprenticing with a firm in Sydney.

young elspeth beard bmw motorcycle

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