We are slowly but surely closing in on world domination, TSY fans.  First DETAILS, now The Cravats. Next on our agenda– the masculinization of the metrosexual menswear media at large.  Line ’em up, we’ll knock ’em down.  We are going to grow hair where it’s never been thought possible.  We are going to get dirt under the nails of buttery soft hands up and down Spring Street.  We are going to infiltrate the ranks and take over from the inside out.

Think I’m joking?  Of course I am.  Put first things first, is all I’m sayin’– like your life over your stuff, for starters.  You want to fetishize over red chambray, Red Wings and other red hipster shit?  Go right ahead. Nothin’ wrong with that.  As for TSY—  We are going anti-brand / pro-balls, baby.  That’s right– live it. You are the brand.

Did McQueen make the Persols, or did the Persols make McQueen?  Think anyone is drawing a parallel between you and McQueen because you’re wearing Persols?  Just you.  Promise– you’re the only one thinking it.  Do you see what I’m sayin’?  Take back your life.  Make it about more worthwhile endeavors, and the style will follow.  Style is a great complement to substance– but it sure the hell ain’t a substitute for it.  There is no shortcut.  Just a long line of wannabes.  How you live your life is your brand.

Let the world feel the weight of who you are– they can worry about what you wore when you’re dead.

Thank y’all for your votes and support.  Thank you EveryGuyed for the honor.



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