Double Take | Menjou & Morrissey


Adolphe Menjou, film star and style icon-- ca. 1927Morrissey, moody British crooner and the man that launched a million emo bands


Adolphe Menjoumorrissey

Adolphe Menjou below, elegantly reigned as one of the best-dressed stars of the silver screen during the 1920s, ’30s & ’40s.  The mustachioed sartorialist immediately brings to mind the dapper & distinguished gents of the Esky/Apparel Arts era of menswear illustration.  He always dressed impeccably and carried himself in a way that few could.  Look carefully at the picture below with the parrot on his shoulder– Glen plaid dress shirt & tie under a crazy, chunky houndstooth sportcoat.

Menjou above left, back in 1927 sans his signature full mustache and his flawlessy slicked-back hair.  The bottom left photo looks so much like Morrissey that I had to do a double take– well, the image is actually a photoshop creation merging the two style icons. 

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