A DARK DAY FOR NEW YORK CITY | Story Chris Logsdon | Photographer Jason Goodrich


2014 NYC Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride | Photo by Jason Goodrich @thejasongoodrich

A quiet Sunday morning on Greenwich Street in New York’s West Village is rudely awakened by the roaring sounds of the two-wheeled kind. It’s another sunny September day in 2013 as a large group of enthusiasts, dressed to the nines, don their motorcycles and set out to raise awareness for men’s prostate cancer. This is the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

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THE ONE MOTORCYCLE SHOW 2014 RECAP | AKA #the1snow #pdxsnowmageddon


El Solitario’s out-of-this-world custom BMW “Impostor” at The One Motorcycle Show, 2014

The One Motorcycle Show thrown by Thor Drake, Tori George and the rest of the gang at See See Motor Coffee, has become my favorite annual getaway. It’s the good-time, anti-corporate bike show– no crusty convention center, sterile brochures, cheesy models, cookie-cutter exhibits, or plastic smiles. Everyone is having a fucking blast, seeing old friends, meeting new, grabbing a coffee or a beer, and checking out the sea of cool bikes, photography, art, and of course the 21 Helmets exhibit.


Ornamental Conifer’s handiwork x New Church Moto, Ginger McCabe’s bike
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