Groovy Home Built from Salvaged Finds | The 1970s Artist Abode of John Holmes


Home of art director John Holmes, and designed by William Kirsch, is made entirely from salvaged materials and goods: (L-R) Kathleen, Tavia and John relaxing on a second-hand wicker couch in the living room.

Hey now, I know what you’re thinking…it isn’t that John Holmes, ok? This John Holmes is an artist and Art Director probably best known by the masses for his original cover art for the classic novel “Jaws” by Peter Benchley. The guy was an eco-pioneer way ahead of the green curve– using all reclaimed building materials, windows, doors, fittings, furnishings, etc. to build this masterpiece in the San Francisco Bay area. Being a product of the ’70s myself, I can totally vibe on the look of that time– right down to the biased wood slats and overgrown plants. It feels like a living, breathing tapestry. And can’t you just smell the patchouli?

The home would go on to win the Sunset Magazine Home of the Year award, and was (obviously from these pics) featured in LIFE Magazine. Holmes later sold it, and two weeks later it burnt down to the ground. The Holmes family’s following home (also built by Bill Kirsch and made from salvaged materials) is a famous and renowned compound of 3 separate structures set on 44 acres set above Sonoma State University in Penngrove, CA. It went on the market back in 2012, originally listed for 4.35M.


John Holme San Francisco home

Home of art director John Holmes, designed by William Kirsch, is made entirely from used parts incl. 85 stained glass windows. Here Holmes’ image is reflected in a living room mirror.


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Salone Internazionale del Mobile | Furniture Fashion Play


MILAN — Home collections have been among the bright spots in the recession-plagued fashion and luxury goods worlds, so it’s no surprise brands were keen to piggyback on the international Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair this year in the hopes of luring consumers to buy more fashion, not just furniture.

Some amazing pieces that caught my eye, via WWD–


ermanno scervino

Ermanno Scervino

ERMANNO SCERVINO: The launch of the company’s first furniture and linens collection was inspired by the designer’s African vacations, namely to Kenya. Sofas, chairs and a canopy bed were covered or embellished with crocheted raffia in black or natural. Similarly, a raffia armchair had legs made of horns of zebu cow. The furniture is produced under license by Nicoletti. 


armani casa

Armani Casa

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Life Would be Better | A Simple Summer Home

Asummer home

The Talbot Rantoul summer house designed by architect Eliot Noyes. Neil Rantoul cleaning his rifle on a pull-down bed in the boys' quarters which doubles as a painting studio-- Martha's Vineyard, MA 1965.


I was talking with a friend today about how a guy needs space.  We need some time and a proper place to check out of this rat race and clear our heads– work with our hands, create something– just chill with the family. Then I see this image and it hit me like a stiff punch to the sternum– confirming that my life is incomplete without the perfect (but not overly done or fussy) summer home getaway.  I mean, come on– this place is perfect, right? Timeless clean lines, super functional, open and breezy, room to roam and be creative, comes with a gun– I’ll take it.  

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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Castle | Home Sculpted from Found Objects

I have to take my hat off to this guy.  There are people in this world who dream and talk– then there are guys like Randy Polumbo who are actually living the dream, and walking the talk.  His life may not speak to those of us that dream of master-planned communities, designer goods, & fancy friends– but if you’re someone that can appreciate beauty formed from an artist’s careful eye, a crafter’s honest hand, and a reverence for history, humanity and the planet that came before us– then this may speak to you.  

Why keep consuming, creating demand for more disposable products, and adding to our planet’s endless landfills when there are plenty of reusable resources all around us?  I need to get off my soapbox and be more like Randy– who bought and expanded a home out of what most people would consider trash.

Randy Polumbo Joshua Treejoshua tree trash house 

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Ah man… I wish I was headin’ to the ranch to chill in my tee pee– just me and my peace pipe (check the pics carefully for a hidden blooper). But alas– no rest for the wicked, as they say. Ralph (who else) has a full working RRL Ranch out in Colorado, and it’s authentic right down to the… well, it’s as authentic as someone with his kind of dough and taste wants it to be.  Set on over 15,000 acres, there’s lots of room to lose yourself and forget about cranking-out mesh shirts with little polo players on them, and just enjoy the simple life– in your own private Wild West fantasy. Ah, the simple joys of a humble life on the ranch…

ralph lauren double rl ranch

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Quonset Hut Habitats


Thanks to our friend over at A Time To Get for reigniting an old love– the military Quonset hut.  And wouldn’t you just know it– the LIFE archive has some amazing images of them being uniquely repurposed for life off the base.  If I do ever end up hitting the skids, at least I have a plan B for cheap and practical lodging.


Quonset hut

Quonset Huts rented out during a housing shortage for $32 per month for a maximum of three years. --1946


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