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The Selvedge Yard is a website that celebrates cultural icons in the world of motorcycles, muscle cars, rock & roll, cinema, pin-up beauties, Kustom Kulture, Americana, photography, art, design, menswear, style, literature, and adventure.

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1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

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  1. Great stories of days gone-by. A wonderful blend of retro memories that you are helping to keep alive. As Bob Hope used to sing, “Thanks for the Memories”!

  2. You just captured the very essence of my father Jerry. WoW! Thank you for this gift. It brought tears and a chuckle. My father is a man of integrity, authentic charm, and always understands the value of what is truly real. He applies his innate appreciation of the subtle and striking beauty that exists in almost everything. He can gape with awe at a rugged New England green landscape and instinctively know where to place a weathered out door mill weight, urn, or wooden bench with out taking away from the natural simplicity of the land. In fact he knows how to enhance the landscape so its full appeal comes to light. So filled with passion, he can cry at a ballet, and laugh at something till his bright green eyes turn red! I’ve always admired my father for understanding the depth of beauty that is inherent in everything, even that which is painful and leaves room for great heartache. Somehow he manages to move through life with humor, truth, and love. What a treat to see this!

    Thank you guys!-Jenny


    • Jenny, I’m struggling to find a poetic reply to your beautifully worded description of your father. Suffice it to say, if my children ever come close to thinking that way about me, I’m a happier man.
      Thanks, Bari/ aka Scoop

  3. I really love the blog. It’s great to read someone who articulates so well what many of us are thinking “Get off the computer, you fat little git and DON’T COME INSIDE again until you’ve got either 3rd degree road-rash, missing digits or a fractured major limb!”

    The commentary is great, the photos are fantastic. It’s on my very short must-read blog list. Thanks so much for taking the time.

  4. Absolutely!!!!! You have shown me that there are like minded people out there besides me and 5 of my friends….. I love it!!!!! All of it…. Keep it coming.

  5. My god! If I could ever imagine putting together a blog this is it… very very strange how every layer of this content is relevant to me. I’ll be seeing you on Twitter (I’ve added your link to my Facebook page).

  6. Aloha from Maui, JP,

    As blogging has matured, I frequently discover examples that never cease to entertain, delight and/or inspire me. Yours easily covers a lot of what I consider to be significantly relevant to my widely varied interests, and then some. Well done!

  7. Hey JP

    I am a Graphic Design student at the U of Utah, in Salt Lake City.

    I’m doing a project regarding the Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes. I am re-branding the bikes, and creating a user’s manual, a bike catalog, and some other collateral for the bikes.

    I really like the photos that you have on your post about these bikes. Is there any chance you have any higher res files or originals that I could use for my project?

  8. Jon

    I’ve never written to a website owner before. The reason I’m doing now is simple. I’m a fifty-seven year old guy who has seen and done some of the things your website is all about. I’m a photographer now. I’ve owned businesses dealing with the auto trade, and worked in the film industry as well. I’ve flown planes for fun and landed on dirt roads just because they were inviting to me. Owned over a hundred motorcycles before I was 35. I like the toys that make life fun.

    My like took a left turn some years ago as a result of a serious auto accident where in I was hit from behind while I was sitting in my Land Rover at a stop light. My body isn’t as reliable as it use to be. Back and leg pain play a major aspect in my every day living. Photography seems to suit me best now.

    Anyway , I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for putting your website up. I was searching in GOOGLE for a picture of an old Indy 500 racer front mag wheel. Your site turned up with a picture of an 1957 Indy Car. After looking around your site I found my self smiling from ear to ear. Your collection of pictures from all sorts of aspects of life thrills in transportation and the people who drove them made me realize just how fortunate a life I had way back when. I owned and drove some of the great cars. And I rode back then the motorcycles people dream about owning today.

    Thanks Jon for reminding me how lucky and fortunate life has been for me.



  9. You have a UK reader here. I really enjoy coming to visit. Rick Griffin, Dan Lyon and Von Dutch, not to mention the bucket hot rods and a bit of Steve McQueen.

    A wonderful collection of culture

  10. Oi Jon, escreo do Rio de Janeiro – Brasil.
    Conheci seu site hoje e não consigo parar de navegar.
    Trabalho com moda, marketing, internet e simplesmente adorei seu site.
    Como a gente fala aqui no Brasil:



  11. I absolutely love your blog! Well-written articles, lovely pictures and a very lovely eatable design. Brilliant! Pure inspiration for a graphic design student, with a flair for classic looks, designs and histories, like me! 🙂

  12. Oh my,

    I started reading this blog at 8am this morning. It’s now 4pm and I’m done so far. And I just want more!

    A thousand thanks from a reader (me) in Sweden!


  13. Ambiguity aside, Love is not a term I use loosely. My 68 fast backs, both bike and car, are two quintessential vehicles to being and becoming a man. God, guns and guts made America lets keep it that way. I am not adept, nor would I want to be, with this whole Blogging, tweeter, twitting, faceme, facebook thing. However I am proud to see an individual who knows what makes real men tick. Forget about all this sensitivity training crap.


  14. Stumbled through the door through a link from a link.. And what a find.. Great stuff here !!! Thanks so much for keeping it real !! Tim (KY)

  15. At last! Just I as I had come to the conclusion that bloggers are nerds, I come across The Selvedge Yard and my faith is redeemed.
    Style and integrity are both pretty rare on the internet and yet found in abundance here. Keep up the good work.

  16. I generally detest blogs but yours is the exception. You capture and highlight everything I enjoy about Life. Great clothes, movie/cultural icons, motorcycles, vintage gear, tats, etc.
    Looking forward to your 2010 content!
    Keep up the great work.

  17. I stumbled upon your site while on a Townes Van Zandt binge.

    Bikes, black and whites, music, vintage Americana.

    I totally dig it.

  18. This place is beautiful . Reminds me of my dad and husband ( ya ok, so what ) . Stumbled upon it while trying to find a vintage leather jacket for the latter. I love it.

  19. TSY Rules! (and often Rocks!)
    The Jimmy Page entry lured this lurker out of the shadows to comment.
    Highest cool factor of any blog on the net, hands down. (without trying to be that)
    Entertaining, Informative, Inspirational at times…
    You are “in the pocket” as they say- (in a good way)
    Thank you Jon.

  20. Just to echo what everyone else has said thank you for an amazing and inspiring blog. Keep up the good work.
    Ricky (Newcastle, UK)

  21. Astoundingly good stuff, inspirational, nostalgic, sentimental and essential in so many ways. If only we could teach history class simply through pictures…you would be the prof. Keep it up!

  22. Stumbled upon your blog while trawling for music blogs and was hooked right away..
    Great pics, interesting subjects, I’ll be a regular visitor from now on and I’ll recommend
    your blog to likeminded friends!
    Cheers from Sweden,

  23. Just found your site today. Looking forward to participating and wishing you success. Great photos and stories. I’ve spent my entire working career in the fashion and denim business and am always searching for those special vintage pieces. You can bet I’ll be regular here. Great site!!
    Washington State

  24. This blog is completely insane !!! I absolutely flipped over these incredibly rare images of the founders of COOL !! I am a photo editor by trade and am just floored by what you have uncovered ! Jimi on bass with Johnny Winter ! Anthony Quinn on a Triumph ! and I can’t even discuss the treasure trove you have of my idol Steve McQueen !!! I’m so hooked !! Sign me up . – Many thanks ! – BB

    ps. have you ever come across a photograph of Duane Allman on or riding a motorcycle ?

  25. I’m in the UK. I was born in 1955. I just bought myself a bike after 10 years in cars. I like spice fragranced tropical hardwood. Hand tooled leather. Storms. Polished chrome. Single malts. This blog. Good work fella.

  26. I’m not a blogger… this is one of the most badass places I’ve ever been to on the inter-web! You have managed to bring a hell of alot of my favorite topics together… Gasoline powered joy! Cool hair! Bad-Assery! History! Paul Newman! Steve McQueen! This IS an oasis on the desert that is “cyber-where?”!

    Jack Nicolson’s shot from “The Last Detail” says all… the hot chica with the AK who is muy bonita! says a hell of alot too!

  27. Your blog has had the effect of making my 40th year a little more tolerable… I thank you for the memories.

  28. I wasn’t supposed to be here. I was researching Deckard’s apartment design and ended up reading your post on Frank Lloyd Wright. And then I read everything else.

    In this furious world of bit torrents, xbox live and street wear it’s easy to lose track of culture that remains and endures. I thank you for being an oasis for the things I know are cool, as opposed to the urban sprawl of things I’m told are cool.

  29. I turned on to your site a while ago and I can’t get away from it.Your taste is excellant and the breadth of your materiel is amazing.It’s kind of like encountering a kindred spirit in a huge crowd of strangers.Thank you.

  30. Hey Jon Patrick,

    I have been reading your blog for 2 days straight and I’m hoping it will never end. Inspiring, captivating and I wish it was one big ass book I could lug around with me and show friends. Every click is a whole new world of knowledge and history. Thank you.

  31. Fantastic Blog

    Forgot how I stumbled upon this very site, but I can say that I am glad I did so as I visit this site almost every day. Such an inspirational page. Keep up the fantastic work!

  32. I washoping there might be a “suggestions pile” somewhere around here for future blogs. Anyway- what about Beat generation icons Kerouac and/or Neil Cassidy?
    What about “barn find” stories where people open up the ‘ole barn door and WHAM! waiting for them is a split-window ’63 Vette etc…
    What about Ramblin Jack Eliot? Bob Dylan’s hero besides Guthrie?
    Before I become annoying- a business that might be worth blogging about on here is called Saddleback leather. I’m in no way affiliated but their product quality is TOP notch. Everytime I’ve inquired about their products the head-honcho is always so cool and down-to-earth.

  33. I was hoping there might be a “suggestions pile” somewhere around here for future blogs. Anyway- what about Beat generation icons Kerouac and/or Neil Cassidy?
    What about “barn find” stories where people open up the ‘ole barn door and WHAM! a split-window ’63 Vette is waiting etc…
    What about Ramblin Jack Eliot? Bob Dylan’s hero besides Guthrie?
    Before I become annoying- a business that might be worth blogging about on here is called Saddleback leather. I’m in no way affiliated but their product quality is TOP notch. Everytime I’ve inquired about their products the head-honcho is always so cool and down-to-earth.

  34. My day starts with a cup of coffee, round up of todays headlines and a visit to TSY to see if there any new updates. This blog I would nominate for an award and i have recommended it to alot of my friends.

    I am a fan.

    Cheers from Denmark

  35. Hi JP, love the blog – all the stuff I want to read about 😉
    Wonder if you’d consider writing something on Dr Lakra – He’s a mexican (tattoo) artist – but he’ll ink anything including vintage magazines, pin ups etc. I don’t have any tattoos myself – but if I did, this is the guy i’d like to do it. I’m from the UK, but I understand he’s got his first US show at Boston ICA now. (Sorry, I’m not trying to plug anything – I like his stuff – thought you might)
    best, David

  36. As a rule I can’t really abide blogs as they are generally vapid, self aggrandising works of banality. Yours on the other hand is simply fantastic! Please keep it up and get some more Steve McQueen and motorcycle content going 😉

  37. This is an awesome blog. I am always looking forward to your new posts. Thanks a lot for your time and research on all those items you did.

    Friendly regards from Belgium.

  38. This is THE best blog on the web. Steve McQueen, The Stones, etc. Thanks for the great pics and excellent information.

  39. Hello JP–

    Few blogs are as well conceived and delivered as The Selvedge Yard– one of my few regular rest stops along the Information Super Highway. While I may not have an inherent interest in some of the subjects that you cover here; I always walk away with a new appreciation for them– a sure sign of a story well told and illustrated.

    I’m a big fan of the ’71–’73 Buick Boatail Riviera (mostly the ’71 and ’72)– one of those cars that inspire strong reactions in motorheads and civilians alike. The phrase “rolling sculpture” always comes to mind when I think of this brash and beautiful display of Dee-troit sheet metal– maybe a perfect subject for a future TSY?

    Whatever you end up doing, I know you will do it well.

    Best Regards,

    Greg O.

  40. JP,
    I just dont know where to start thanking you for such a fantastic blog!! It seems to be pointed directly at us mid/late 50’s guys for sure!
    over my years I have done custom vans in the 70’s, lots of aircraft work, worked as a designer/artist, owned a classic Shelby and currently own a busy custom motorcycle business in CA.
    I have passed this fine site on to many of my friends…you should hear the thanks I get back!! good job!

  41. Is it just sad that I wander the www with such low expectations?

    Well not anymore!

    Thank you for such stimulating conversation, albeit one-sided.

    (I am so going to build a basement bar).

  42. This is amazing!!! Modernist design, Panteras, guitars, man caves, bikers (and chix in Daisy Dukes), Keith-n-Gram, Playboy living, etc., etc. Looking forward to maybe seeing some Lear jets with zebra skin interiors…or lifestyles of tennis stars and ski racers of the seventies?? I never subscribe to blogs but yours is the exception. Reeeeeeeeally fun stuff!!!!!

  43. I’m another great fan of your blog (from the UK) – can’t remember how I came across it now but I really look forward to getting the links to your new articles in my email inbox 🙂
    Thanks so much for all your work compiling it!

  44. By accident I found this site. I was looking for a song that the Rolling Stones sang at a live concert (purchased DVD) and wah-lah! All the things I grew up with….right before my very eyes! I instantly felt like I was 10 again and that felt like a natural high!

  45. I love this blog, thanks for all the effort you put in. And I recently saw your contribution to GQ Italia (unseen McQueen photos). Lovely job. Greetings from Rome. Mick P

  46. Born in Britain, now living in Norway running a bicycle shop, not for the money, but for the experiences you can have on a good bike. Too much of this day’s world is about price instead of getting out there, getting dirty, getting hurt, but having fun.

    I love this site, it reminds me that there are others out there with my beliefs and way of life. Life is for living, I don’t want to lie on my deathbed later in life regretting that I spent too little at the office!

    Keep up the good work, and could you do a bit about KTM? Just a suggestion, small Austrian motorbike company that took on the greats, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and now dominate the mx world. Mine is from ’97 and still looks modern. 620cc, 4 stroke, makes me ROAR!

    Cheers R.

  47. Great site, and thanks for the srticle on The Rugged Road !!
    I’ve been into Panther motorcycles all my life, and still ride them on the quite roads of rural France. I’m from the Netherlands, but it became a bit to crowded for me, so in 1995 I bought an old farm in the French Ardennes, renovated it and have an easy life now.

    Good luck, feel free to write.

    Jos, France

  48. Greetings from Orange County, CA. Your blog keeps me from getting any work done! I love it.

    I always look forward to what your new post is for the day. Two characters that would fit in here perfectly are Pancho Barnes and Bunker Spreckels.

    Keep it up. You have a lifetime fan here.

  49. I love how you curate your blog. You’re a good writer, man! I teach Fashion Publishing at Parsons and would love to talk to you about your blog sometime, maybe have you come into my class or something. Be in touch!


  50. You and I seem to think a lot alike and have similar interests. Been into guitar, H-Ds, cars all my life. I am now a car engineer and musician.

  51. This must be the most fascinating site on the web. I don’t remember what brought me in for the first time but i guess it had to do with motorcycles or MCQueen. After browsing around for some time i realized the depth of this. My smile got wider and wider as i read on and by the time i found the Two Lane Blacktop feature, i was hooked. I thought i was alone with that film..
    Your blog is a never ending source of inspiration!
    Thank You!

  52. sent to me by a friend on Christmas Day. Apropos! GREAT present – one that keeps on giving. Eclectic mix of arcana, history and personality. Thanks.

  53. One of the most visually interesting blogs with truckload of photographic treasures waiting to be discovered or rediscovered. May you never run out of energy and ideas. All the best…. and a Happy New Year.

  54. I have only just scratched the surface of this fine blog. I love looking at things I have not seen since I was a child growing up in the late 60’s .
    Thanks for a trip down memory lane and giving me a another look at things forgotten

  55. I have never bothered to go out of my way to comment about really anything anyones ever blogged about. I dont even tweet or fb. however… I stumbled upon this site searching for mid century mod anything. Your pictures are amazing and i just couldnt help to study every one of them. Truly a beautiful selection. thx

  56. Hi JP. I salute you and this fucking great blog. I just turned 50 and this is one of the things about being that age that’s actually uplifting. I’ve got a band called LOS LADRONES DE AMOR, which is all about The Clash, Johnny Cash, wearing black and never saying die. And you’ve reaffirmed my belief that it just might be possible to convince the world at large that you can be 50 and still have something to say – and that what you have to say is still exciting, inspiring and gloriously childish.
    Kev Saunders

  57. Jon, met you in LA with Rick the English guy ,an oldtime buddy of mine..good work..you should start a dating network ..any woman into this stuff is made for me… Paulo, England

  58. Excellent blog!!! I discovered it looking for bikers pictures, and I was surprised about how many interesting histories you offer through these vintage pics. Of course I shared it with my contacts. Congratulations, from Argentina!

  59. I”m going to echo what most others have said. Great blog! I catch up with your site now and then and enjoy the articles and the pictures. As a former photographer, I love looking at great images and your collection and stories are always interesting.


  60. I stumbled across this blog via a guitar forum I belong to, and I’m glad I found it (My wife will no doubt be less than thrilled that I found it, however…).

    Thanks for the treasure trove of vintage pics and great stories – I’ll be sharing this with my mates as well~

  61. JP

    This is an awesome blog. I come across many things here that I consider cool…motorcycles, rock and roll, movie stars, tattoos and fast cars. Roller derby girls too! With great photos to go along.

    All so interesting.


  62. I discovered this blog doing research on Bessie Stringfield for an article I am writing. This blog is the greatest. It’s refreshing to find a blog that “sees” cool the same way I do, keep the great content coming.
    Roger Van Winter

  63. I just came across your article on Lucien Carr and decided to check out the rest of your blog- great stuff! Have you read Kerouac and Burroughs’s novel, And the Hippos Were Boiled in their Tanks? Lucien Carr’s relationship with and eventual murder of David Kammerer are a major part of the plot. It wasn’t published until 2008, but it was written pre-Naked Lunch and On the Road. Super fun read.
    Anyhow, I look forward to seeing more of your blog.

  64. TSY is in my top three blogs. (That aren’t food related, sorry, it’s my ultimate first love.) Beautiful. Timeless. Important.

    Thank you.


  65. Sir, stumbled upon your blog while searching for some info on the Navy swiping Army’s mules before a pep rally in 91 or 92. Which my brother was a part of. Absolutely THE best bloig I’ve seen. Period!
    I’ve shaken hands with Townes, Worn Nudie’s suits, Played one of Waylon’s famous Tele’s and I sit behind one of Paul Bigsby’s fablous Steel Guitars everyday. (FWIW, Mr.Bigsby built Steel then Standard guitars before the famous tailpiece was developed. That part eventually slowed his guitar and steel production to fewer and fewer guitars by the late 50’s and early 60’s. If you’d like a Pro photo of his steels to add in the Crocker section I’d be pleased to provide a couple.
    From Sinatra to Tom Waits, Cars to Clothes. Spectacularly Hip!!!
    Thanks for making my day a whole lot better!
    mike black

  66. Just stumbled across your blog while in that haze of the last hour of work. Thanks man, you saved me from those 60 minutes of hell. Now I am hooked. Keep it up.

  67. Let me be the first person in 2012 to compliment you on this unique and interesting blog.

    I discovered it while researching vintage Bonneville Speedway information. Then – went on to find the Von Dutch story and now I’m hooked!

    Nice work JP.

  68. Hey JP!
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, I find myself wasting way too much time at work here. The epitome of cool, all the way around. Awesome work.

    I haven’t searched for it yet, but I wonder if there are eny entries about Burt Munro?

    I’m hooked and will continue to read. Thanks for your efforts.

  69. Magnificent assortment (and choices) of pictures, quotes, and fragments of iconography. A truly rewarding find. Keep up the fantastic work!

  70. As a rule, I have no use or love for anything from the ’70s and consider it to be the ugliest decade in America’s history. Thanks for posting such cool stuff that I’ll ignore my own rule.

  71. I had the pleasure of working JP’s Blackbird event..hence the beginning of my love for the coolness, the freshness, & the originality that is The Selvedge Yard. My only dissappointment is that I didn’t know about this kick ass blog sooner!

  72. Your website is Bitchin! I got to meet Duane Allman and the band when I was 16. My two older brothers had a band that opened for them in our home town, Charleston, S.C. The same month Hendrix passed beyond, I had just seen him that 4th of July at the 2nd Atlanta Pop Festival. I’m a photographer and love the collection you have here-but I didn’t see a photo Of Johnny Winter that I found-it’s not mine but I’ll share it with you if you’d like.

  73. Recently discovered your site. Anything that heavily features Steve McQueen works for me. I love anything that burns petrol, sixties, seventies and even some eightees rock, great clothes, and b & w photography. I may be sixty – but I still love life and all that comes with it.
    Thanks for this. dave

  74. Awesome blog – thanks for the fantastic trip down memory lane. It’s blogs like yours that help me keep the memory cobwebs in my brain firing for another day!

  75. Your “about” description of who you and what you’re about is the best I’ve ever read.
    I can never encapsulate myself and who I am like that. Damn!
    Simple clear and not overly wordy. I love your blog and imagery.

  76. Hi there

    Just wanted to say I’ve only just found this Blog and I love it already. There’s stuff on here I could spend hours reading about and probably will.

    Thank you

  77. Led Zep, Townes V, Cash, and Kim Wilson all in one place. Motorcycles, the right movies, photos, and way of thinking…all right here. One stop shopping. These many decades, I thought I was crazy. I’m home!

  78. I was guided to your blog by a simple Google search at 2 in the morning in a gridlock of insomnia for the size of Muhammad Ali’s fist. Almost 2 hours later and I’m still reading your blog. Your work is fantastic, sir.

  79. I love this blog. As a classic tattoo enthusiast and a student studying a B.A in creative brand communication i find your blog one of the most inspirational collections I’ve ever come across. I hope you don’t mind but i will be referring to it for inspiration from time to time. I thoroughly enjoy your appreciation for the classics , something I too appreciate. Keep it up, some really epic subject matter, not to mention the amazing style its been delivered in. Thank you from South Africa.

  80. I keep bumping into your blog! I’m 20, but I guess the vintage universe is just so damn attractive to me. Really great posts. Also checked out your NaturalBornWorldShakers page. Very impressed. I suppose I felt the need to write something out!
    It’s good to dwell in the past, especially when having fun doing it. There’s always something to learn from others’ experiences, no matter how twisted and raw that experience has been. The pictures alone tell a whole story. Great atmosphere you created.

  81. What a great blog – thank you. The Dali piece was incredible – no relation to Sid Selvedge of Mud Boy & Neutrons fame are you? If so I’m a fan – heck, I’m a fan anyway, inspiring words.

  82. Loving your blog! Takes me back for strolls down Memory Lane, and I’ve learned many things I didn’t know much about (my favorite part!). I love the fact you fix typo’s. If only everyone were so thoughtful;) So far, I’ve Liked you on both my FB pages, Subscribed, and recently Shared a few of your blogs there, yet I hardly know you, JP… so far so good. The pics and juicy stories are simply delicious… can’t wait to delve into the other tasty dishes you serve up. Looks like I’m going to be pretty busy playing catch-up. Si bon!

  83. I just kind of wondered about the name of your site ….. did you mean “selvedge” (like in sewing, it’s the bound edge of fabric) or did you mean “salvage”, like to save out of destruction or oblivion?

  84. Cool blog ! Love the old pics of a simpler time . Whenever I’m riding my vintage triumph I think of those times. Keep it up.

  85. Wow..this is just the sort of blog my eyes have been pining for.
    It’s that odd combination of what I remember masculinity to be; cool, suave, gritty, ballsy, sensual and living life to the fullest. I grew up loving men with moxie and bravado, style and conviction, humor and cockiness. Thank you, I consider you a true friend in the spirit of admiration.

  86. Badass site! I just found it looking up some info on selvedge denim. Totally love Steve McQueen and his style. I dig this site! Nice to find others with similar interests.

  87. This is one of my favorite blogs. What I enjoy most is discovering things that I’m interested in BEFORE I knew that I was interested! Please keep up the great work!

  88. AMAZING blog. This is exactly the my idea of cool – Old bikes, old cars, the 50s, 60s, 70s. The golden age when dudes were dudes and music had meaning


  90. That rad Triumph Dirt Bike is my uncles 750 down at the truck trail in Delzura – San Diego where we use to ride. He put the photo somewhere on the web and Selvedge Yard found it and used it. It has been there ever since they got started.

  91. Hi JP, I Just discovered you blog from a friend’s Facebook sharing and am I am really enjoying.
    As a motorsports journalist and racer, and music fan and grew up loving and deeming involved in all they things that you write out as well – from Joni Mitchell to Choppers and Gary Nixon, to Francoise Hardy and her music and movies. Thanks for the memories, pictures and insights!

  92. although I can not do anything with motorcycles, I love this site. interesting stories, cool guys, beautiful women. what more do you want?

    Greetings from sunny Berlin

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