The Great American Diner. Iconic “Roadside Refuel” joints that first started to dot the highways, byways, and Main Streets in towns across America in the 1920s. Diner’s quickly came into popularity as they offered fast service, at lower price and a more casual environment than most proper restaurants.

For many it was also where you went to get a pulse on local happenings, hearsay, and town-folk chatter. Fast forward to the 1950s, when diners became a popular hangout with teenagers, fueled by the addition of juke boxes packed with the latest & greatest chart-topping singles on 45rpm records added coolness, culture, and a reason to come & stay.

James Dean– an eternal 1950s Icon, immortalized as America’s first authentically angsty, misunderstood teenager to hit the silver screen.

Finding a local diner these days that has retained its charm is pure gold. Sure sign you’ve come upon the real deal… when you’re coffee is served in an old-school chunky, pottery coffee mug that is made in the USA. I’m gonna say it…. Honestly, I believe the mug is as important as the coffee you’re drinking.

The coffee somehow tastes better, and definitely feels better as you slowly sip it, wrapping your hands around it. There’s also an important story to be told of the rich history and heritage behind the American-made pottery coffee mug, that is just as recognizable and coveted as the diners itself.

Long rooted in East Liverpool, Ohio, American Mug & Stein has seen the industry shrink from several factories to one potter making these classic diner coffee mugs. They are dying as businesses fail to support our factories here in America, producing something so simple, yet meaningful, as an important touchstone to our past and culture.

With a proud salute to all the roadside joints that serve up a piping hot cup of joe from sea to shining sea, our friends at The Godspeed Co. offer the GSCo Diner Mug.

The Godspeed Co. searched for the classic coffee cup. That led them to American Mug & Stein Company, and an Ohio River town once called, “The Pottery Capital.” of the U.S. Known as the “Texas Teacup,” this mug boasts a hefty size, unique handle, and sturdy ceramic created by resurrecting an archived casting mold. Hand cast, finished and glazed in the centuries-old tradition, it’s ready to take on a giant pour of your favorite pick me up. Fill it to the brim with our GSCo Corner Booth Blend.