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CYCLE WORLD magazine, 1965–

“In less that 10 seconds the Two-Timer Triumph accelerates to 155.17 mph, a mark which rider  /  builder Dick Rios claims as ‘the all-time mph (record) for a bike in the quarter-mile.’ Rios also claims his 9.74 seconds elapsed time, recorded on the Fontana (Calif.) dragway clocks as the ‘lowest E.T. ever turned by a bike in the quarter.’ If anyone wished to dispute these assertions, he can find Rios and Two-Timer at drag strips across the U.S. (and hopefully, Europe) this summer on a coming exhibition tour.

But whoever dares fling down whatever dragsters use for a gauntlet better have his weapon well prepared, for without being overly stressed, Two-Timer lacks very little in the battle against the quarter mile. It consistently runs over 150 mph, and Rios confidently  predicts speeds in the 160s before the year is out, perhaps on this tour.”


the triumph drag bike two timer motorcycle

the triumph two timer drag race motorcycle

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Claims have been made that the Two-Timer was born from the original “Dubble Trubble” Triumph drag bike by a fellow racer of that era, though unconfirmed. It’s also said that Von Dutch painted the “Dubble Trubble” lettering / badge on the fuel tank.

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