“Beach Run” photograph by Richard St. Clair– Meet the artist Richard St. Clair and see his collection of oil paintings in person at the New Hope, PA TSY shop Saturday June 17th 6-9PM. You’ll see 12 of his original oil paintings alongside his original photography.

Beach Run

“Beach Run” original 34″ x 34″ oil painting by the artist Richard St. Clair

When I first met Richard St. Clair at his home outside of Philadelphia I was immediately put at ease by his disarming demeanor and quick smile. Soon Dick was leading me to his studio where I was instantly absorbed in his paintings, the layers of mementos from years on the road, and all his incredible photos taken during his years of traveling the country. Seeing the photos behind the paintings in person made me appreciate the paintings more, as the authenticity and honesty in the photos are staring you in the eye.

Like I said before, Dick is the real deal– having spent a good many years logging countless miles on his Harley in the ’70s – ’90s riding cross-country to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Daytona Bike Week, Harley Rendezvous, and everywhere in between. He took photos that captured the gritty life of free-wheelers, outlaws, and strays living life on their own terms. These photos gave birth to his paintings that are a must see.


“Deadwood” original 40″ x 51″ oil painting (below) by the artist Richard St. Clair– Meet the artist Richard St. Clair and see his collection of oil paintings in person at the New Hope, PA TSY shop Saturday June 17th 6-9PM. You’ll see 12 of his original oil paintings alongside his original photography.






The Selvedge Yard invites you to experience a fresh perspective too through the work and words of our friend, the artist Richard St. Clair. He will be on-hand to hangout, talk about his paintings, and give a reading from his companion books on life on the road– “Trust Me”  & “love@thespeedoffear”

“Live Cheap– Never Die” The Works & Words of Richard St. Clair– June 17th 6-9pm

Featuring 12 of Richard St. Clair’s epic, original oil paintings on display at our TSY shop in New Hope, PA– ranging in size from 20″ x 16″ up to 8′ 5″‘ x 6’, available for purchase.

Also at the TSY event on June 17th 6-9pm, there will be a very limited number of Richard St. Clair signed poster prints available for $100 each, and signed books available for $25 each.


  • Happening at The Selvedge Yard store
  • 110 S. Main Street, New Hope, PA 18938
  • Between Fran’s Pub & Marty’s BBQ
  • June 17th, 6-9pm
  • RSVP to:
  • Cold beer while it lasts

Richard St. Clair website /bio:

Richard St. Clair– traveler, artist and writer now resides in Philadelphia, having lived three decades in rural Massachusetts. While in New England he absorbed that region’s penchant for self-reliance. His guiding preference: make choices based on instinct; then keep it simple, keep it real.

Soon this attitude linked St. Clair with the American biker culture, never having guessed that his former graduate studies at the University of Chicago would lead to such uncharted territory.

As an artist St. Clair joined the 1970’s art/painting scene in Soho, New York. Shortly thereafter, he hooked up with Harley-Davidson bikers and began crossing the country alone on an old 1961 Panhead — writing stories, photographing people and places as subjects for a new kind of art. Why? Because people from the biker world, though they came from different walks of life and many different places, had an agreement about one thing– FREEDOM, in its broadest sense. They were all living it their own way, within an instinctive culture fashioned after the “American experiment.” For them respect was based on feeling and action. Whoever else you wanted to be was extra information. It didn’t take much thinking or judgment to live that way; all it took was being a participant.

For thirty years St. Clair sold stories, paintings and prints of his experience to bikers and adventurers — men and women. They came from other countries and all social levels to view and be part of the notorious American biker scene. His images, stories and C.D.’s have traveled with him as examples of freedom for fellow travelers. St. Clair’s paintings have been shown in New York City’s SOHO and Chelsea art galleries as well as in Canada, Japan and Europe. Under the logo Live Cheap-Never Die, St. Clair played a major role in documenting the dynamics of the biker phenomenon.

What was the attraction that drew so many people into a culture which celebrated the human spirit by taking to the highways to breathe the airs. What was going on? It was freedom calling; and it still is – a word known to everyone, but whose benefits offer a new frontier which few dare to cross and explore.

Who will be next?

Art of the Road– Richard St. Clair’s personal website