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“It’s one of those places that you immediately make a note about, reminding yourself that a visit is in order. Among the dizzying amount of photos, rants and new’s updates that come across my phone’s screen daily, Atlanta’s Brother Moto continued to appear more and more. Several weeks back, a petition was circulating the web aimed at helping Brother Moto retain their space in East Atlanta. Apparently the city zoning committee decided to retract their permit claiming this particular moto-establishment was a shop providing ‘repair’, and because East Atlanta only allows 2 ‘repair shops’ under their NC-2 zoning Brother Moto would be forced to shut their doors. A shame really. While there were a few bikes neatly parked away, the atmosphere I encountered the moment I walked into their space couldn’t have been further from the definition of a repair shop.”

–Chris Logsdon

“A good portion of this place was lined with Brother Moto apparel displayed in orderly fashion along with the latest gear from Roland Sands. Motorcycle helmets, coffee mugs and countless magazines presented themselves on a large wooden table positioned in the foyer of the garage. To the right, a wall decorated with numerous framed photos depicting two-wheeled adventures hung above a broken-in leather couch. After a quick walk around I plopped myself down and cracked open a glass bottle of Coca-Cola (we’re in Atlanta after all) that I grabbed from the small shop bar. Not knowing exactly what Atlanta deems a repair shop, it’s probably the last thing I would characterize this place as. Here’s hoping the city can come around and recognize what good businesses like this are doing for the local community.”

–Words and photography by Chris Logsdon of The GodSpeed Company





Brother Moto is located at 530 Flat Shoals Ave Atlanta GA. We hope that we are providing those with a DIY spirit like ourselves the necessary tools, environment and knowledge to work on their motorbikes themselves. We believe in empowering riders with a space to learn how to fabricate, experiment and repair within a community of good people.

To us, part of the necessary tools for wrenching on a two wheeled machine include not only the speciality wrenches and lifts, but it also includes coffee. Lots of coffee.

That is why Brother Moto is also in the process of expanding into the space next door for our coffee shop for those who are simply moto­-curios. For those that simply need a place to work on their laptops with the mixed smell of espresso and two­-stroke oil.

Our hope is that by creating a welcoming motorcycle community for both the well seasoned as well the greenhorn, everyone will learn from each other and inspire each other to explore the unexplored world around them.

Brother Moto