Photographer Bastian Glaessner shot these incredibly cool pics of the UK Atomic Festival described by the organizers as– “…an international line-up of bands & DJs playing in spectacular indoor venues, traditional flag-start drag racing, air displays, jiving, bopping & strolling, an enormous big-top with a 6,000 sq ft dance floor, a pre-1963 car show and drive-in movie, poodles, roller skating… and the best festival atmosphere ever!” Bastian Glaessner atomic-1

“On slight short notice I headed up north last weekend to meet up with a bunch of UK retro heads that got together on an old 30s airstrip outside Northampton to celebrate the annual Atomic bash of serious vintage fair. This mid-century-inspired festival had everything the gentleman drag-strip connoisseur’s heart might desire– a field full of polished pre-’63s metal to draw you in, plenty mean Rock ’n’ Roll fuzz booming from the speakers of the multiple stages, the gravity defying riders of the Demon-Drome of death spinning their 1920s Indians up the 30 foot wall and last but not least a glorious stretch of glaring concrete that just begged the rod riders to be raced!” ~Bastian Glaessner

Bastian Glaessner atomic-22

“Despite the somewhat grey skies the eclectic mob turned out in style! Bombers, raw jeans, pomaded hair and neat pressed curls as far as the eye could see. From gear-heads to knuckle freaks, young-guns to old-timers, everybody made an effort and rocked up spotting their most stylish attire. It all made for a photographers dream really.” ~Bastian Glaessner

Bastian Glaessner atomic-8

“After a morning of leisurely browsing the grounds and some good barter at the vintage apparel stalls the crowds streamed towards the pits. Thanks to the kind folks from the VHRA an awesome array of racers had accumulated out on the airfield. The concrete runway was littered with a gluttony of exciting heritage sheet metal. Everything the hardcore enthusiasts wished for was present, a fleet of bashed up pre-1940s bangers, the rather stylish legacy bikes, gentleman riders included, and some serious heat packing mean looking hot-rods that clearly meant business.” ~Bastian Glaessner

Bastian Glaessner atomic-28

“Once the crowds were gathered behind the hay bales, the strip was subjected to a good greasing with water and ready to go. Much to the delight of the punters our riders threw caution to the wind and laid down some good helping of smoking rubber before zooming off into the distance in a raucous blur of fumes and fury.” ~Bastian Glaessner

Bastian Glaessner atomic-12

“In the end though it wasn’t about winning or even much of a competition really… more a good-natured get together with plenty fun and entertainment that gave the riders the chance to fire up their beasts and show off their brutes in grease-honored fashion. Thanks to the family of riders, the boppers and jivers. Sadly I couldn’t stay on for Sunday’s poodle parade. Never mind, it’s been a truly great day out. Hopefully see you next year!” ~Bastian Glaessner