I cannot express enough how excited and proud I am to see my 2 good friends Chris Logsdon and Allan Glanfield (the guys behind The Godspeed Co) now bring their labor of love to life– The Shop Rag Shirt. It’s been over 3 years of dreaming, conceptualizing, networking, planning, designing, and toiling-away in the works. I will always remember the day Chris unveiled the idea to me over two yrs ago, laying out his passion through excited hands and a cocktail napkin, and now I’m wearing the damn thing– it’s unbelievable. I liken it to a pair of raw selvedge jeans that you break in, and over time becomes one with you through form and function. With each wear it tells a little bit more of your story. This is one over-engineered, beautiful piece of all-American work that will last for years to come. No detail overlooked– right down to the brass shank-style grommet buttons that are secured to the fabric (both made in Connecticut) with a leather washer.

godspeedco shoprag shirt 10

The Shop Rag Shirt by GodSpeedCo – all photography by Eric Mooney

Now available in the TSY store, click here.

Chris & Allan at GodSpeedCo are both too young to be cynical, and too old to be told no. That’s what I love about them. Through their passion to create a shirt based on a filthy little shop rag that they see as iconic– and to deliver it pure, flawless, and beyond anyone’s expectation, with every bit made in America, is incredible. They even went knocking on the door of the original Merrow Sewing Machine Company in Massachusetts so that every detail was authentic– like the distinctive “merrowed” edge stitching on the pockets and hem.

The guys at GodSpeedCo will be lucky to break even on this first small batch of about 100 shirts. Priced at $150 they are more than worth every penny considering the time, quality, effort, and the fact that every inch of fabric, sewing, and trim is all done right here in the US of A! If interested you can pick one up for yourself (link below), before they are gone–

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“An unsung hero of sorts, the iconic red rag, commonly referred to as the ‘shop rag’ or ‘mechanic’s towel’ has been in existence for decades, traditionally serving one purpose: wipe, clean, and sop-up dirt, grease and grime. With it’s coarse fabric and merrowed edge the shop rag will be put to use and washed hundreds of times eventually softening but never wearing out. Each individual rag tells a story of a job well done.” —GodSpeedCo


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