See See Motor Coffee Co. delivered strong on year six, with a dramatic new venue and a shit-ton of incredible bikes. Smack dab in the middle of the old industrial space was a monstrous metal press that towered over the surrounding bikes– a sight to see in itself. Per usual, all were welcome– custom choppers, cafes, cruisers, scramblers, land-speed racers, and eh, minibikes! Lots of minibikes, and an outdoor oval track to ride them on to boot!


“Steam Hammer” 1960 Harley-Davidson FLH custom built by Travis at High-Test Speed drew lots of eyes and accolades at The One Motorcycle Show 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Even this little pooch had to do a double-take.  [All photos © by Ashley Smalley for The Selvedge Yard]


It’s good people more than anything that are the heart & soul of See See’s The One Motorcycle Show— like friend & photographer Scott Toepfer, standing next to his custom Harley-Davidson flathead racer.  [All photos © by Ashley Smalley for The Selvedge Yard]

“I went out on a huge limb and purchased an antique motorcycle via eBay. I didn’t really have the money at the time, but the moment I laid eyes on it, it had to be mine. Money is a funny thing; after making a few ‘adjustments’, I had a Harley-Davidson 45″ heading my way from the East Coast. It wasn’t pretty, but I was told that the motorcycle ran, which is all I needed to hear. It came off the truck after two weeks of traveling and started immediately. This would become my daily rider, and the whole basis for what has become my ‘Eyes on the Line’ project.” –Scott Toepfer 


Getting to spend time with the bikes in the quiet of the morning before the flood gates open is a treat– as is catching up with guys like Jason Paul Michaels who was there to cover The One Show for Iron & Air, and photographer Josh Kurpius was also checking things out. [All photos © by Ashley Smalley for The Selvedge Yard]


Here’s that monstrous metal press I was talking about– never seen anything like it. It’s an amazing centerpiece for the space, and is surrounded by custom bikes from (lt,) High-Test Speed, (center & rt.) Busch and Busch. [All photos © by Ashley Smalley for The Selvedge Yard]

the juan one show awards see see motorcycle ashley smalley tsy

Busch and Busch also crafted all the trophies for The One Motorcycle Show that came with a custom cast belt buckle for each winner, and I’m pretty sure thats a flask in the center of each trophy covered in hand-tooled leather. These guys are both insanely talented, really into the details like no one else, and super-cool to boot. It’s their peerless ability, hard work, and passion that made it an honor to present them an award for their Bonneville racer. [All photos © by Ashley Smalley for The Selvedge Yard]

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All photos © by Ashley Smalley for The Selvedge Yard