A great short capturing photographer Josh Kurpius in his element. I had to chuckle every time I saw the on-screen safety disclaimers that were plastered in the video whenever Josh and his crew were shown tearin’ down the road on two wheels, especially when Kurpius took to surfing and shooting at high speed. Nice Work by Travis Auclair.

josh kurpius photographer harley-davidson chopper


photographer josh kurpius harley-davidson film


josh kurpius photographer harley-davidson


Josh Kurpius

Josh Kurpius Photography website

Another great short: Marching to the Sea

A motorcycle journey from here to there. The Rotten Eagles ride to Born Free.
Filmed by Joe Suta
Time Lapse & Editorial by Collin James Diederich
Riders: Brian Harlow, Mitch Cotie, Josh Kurpius, Brad Rearden, Joe Suta


  1. Why but himself don’t have tattoos ? Anyway he is right, it’s so 1999 and I had big lol seeing the warning message when they ride with no helmet and tees :))))

  2. Better hope they never come face to face with any ‘ real ‘ 1% bikers either . Genuine 1%ers wouldn’t take too kindly to this group of Suburban/Urban hipsters posing as 1%ers .. Just saying is all ….

    Love the safety disclaimers though … even if they are intended to be Hipster Irony … which err .. in light of the amount irony is being used/abused these days …. barely ever is .. Ironic that is [ re; quote Thomas Mann ” Magic Mountain ” bottom of pg 217 ] 😉

    • That was my first thought too. Looks like they watched the ” Jesse James ” reruns, one too many times.

    • Guitar Slinger. While you are correct about “1%ers not taking kindly to hipsters and choppers” your comment still holds no weight. The company that Josh Kurpius keeps actually ride their bikes to greater destinations than the skatepark, bar, or coffee shop… These dudes live it, 1% or not, and still lead their lives according to their own code. Thanks for the “warning” but these people actually do deal with it.

    • they are actually closer in form to the original clubs. I see no 1% copying here. Anyway who cares what 1% think. There’s a way to deal with them

  3. Well Guitar slinger what you don’t know and have no idea about is the FACT that he and his friends and company do RIDE with some “1%ers”! if him or any of his crew wanted to be in that group of bikers they would have no issues with doing it, when this guys RIDE ACROSS COUNTRY the are in fact put up by some 1%er clubs on there way through to eat,shower,fix a bike or just relax for a day or two, see him and his crew RIDE not to the store and back or to bar or on 2-3 charities events a year they ride for not days but weeks at a time and any true 1%er respects that, these guys don’t disrespect any 1%ers nor want to be 1%ers, they just share the same passion and love for riding!..
    I know Josh, been a good kid from scratch and is still proving he is a good kid

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