TSY the selvedge yard norman porter denim jean

I will always remember the day I met Mike & Dave Stampler at the Norman Porter studio in Philadelphia and they walked me through painstaking process of how they make their jeans. Sweating every detail, the immaculate sewing, reinforcing, bar-tacking, hand-hammering rivets, and the chunkiest (10 oz indigo chambray), cleanest pocket bags this side of anywhere. I’ve been in menswear for a long-ass time, so I’ve been to the rodeo before… I said, “So, you know you guys are totally over-engineering this thing, right?” Mike just stares at me and says, “Yes.” Me, “I fucking love it.” This is how you make a jean. Like a boss. #sorrynotsorry

tsy the selvedge yard norman porter tattoo patch jean

No detail was overlooked, no corners cut. This collaboration is one that I’m stoked and honored to be a part of. Some of Philly’s best artists stepped up to add their mastery, driven to do something cool just out of kindness. Mike Ski of True Hand Society Tattoos & Design in Fishtown drew and tattooed each leather patch by hand. He nailed the marriage of the TSY lightning bolt logo with Norman Porter’s snake, in my opinion. Jessie Jay (also of THS) jumped in to design the pocket bags for us that Pink Bike Ralph printed. It’s pretty cool how everyone was so humble and just came together to quietly celebrate the spirit and camaraderie of Philly design, craft & quality. It was an awesome thing to see everyone come together…for a jean. We are only making 13 pairs of these beauties… And when they’re gone, they are gone.

tsy the selvedge yard norman porter denim jean lightning bolt

Speaking of lightning bolts, look at this very fine Zeus’ lightning bolt stitch detail that Mike added to the side-seam pointing down from the pocket. I love that. Tying it altogether with an eye for the tiny details that are easy to overlook, but are truly a thing of beauty. And those rivets are solid copper that are all hand-hammered. Also, get a good look at the 14.5 oz 100% cotton White Oak Cone Mill redline selvedge denim goodness while you’re at it.


In the pics above there are some subtle, but noticeable design details that are unique to the TSY x Norman Porter Co. collaboration jean that are a little different from Norman Porter’s standard styling and make. I wanted to modify the back pocket shape and placement to give them a look and expression more like a vintage 501. Norman Porter’s longer pocket shape and “smiling” placement that follows the back yoke angle feels like vintage Lee jeans to me, which I like, but I wanted this jean to be a little different. So first we shortened the back pocket length by 1″ to give them a more squared-off look. We also drop the outside corners of the pocket so that instead of the back pocket placement running parallel to the angle of the bottom of the back yoke, they are now more straight across more like 501s. It’s just a preference thing, and I love the way they turned out. The overall fit of the jean is also more like an old 501 straight leg. It’s not baggy, and it’s not skinny. Straight is how I’d describe it. I love the LVC 1947 501 fit, and this is a lot like it. The rise is also higher and more classic. These are not low-rise jeans, they fit like a proper jean. Check out the below Fit & Sizing Guide below for more detail:


Wash Instructions:

Norman Porter recommends you hand wash inside out in cold water with minimal detergent. Air dry. Expect possible half inch to inch of length shrinkage. Some crocking (color transfer) is to be expected with indigo denim.


The TSY x NP Co. Jean is $285 and goes on sale Thursday 4/10 @Noon EST.

Only 13 pairs total will be sold, so don’t wait. Fist come, first served.

To order click here:

We only ship within the USA, no International orders.

Return Policy and Production dates:

Each pair is a limited edition, made to the size you ordered. Due to the uniqueness of every pair we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. It is highly recommended that you consult the Fit & Sizing Guide prior to purchase. Please allow for up to two weeks to ship your order as each pair is made to order.

Norman Porter Contact: | 267.908.4694


True Hand Society Info and Contact: | <Mike Ski’s personal tattoo site

For Tattoo Inquiries, to schedule an appointment / consultation, or for questions regarding Graphic Design services: please email us at:

2424 E. York St. | Philadelphia PA. 19125 | 267.521.2225



    • Sorry, in the fine print it reads that they don’t go on sale until Thursday 4/10 @noon EST. That’s when you’ll see the jeans listed in the shopify page shop.

      Thanks for your interest!


    • Sam, if I were some Johnny-come-lately to the product game I’d side with you and say yes. But I’ve been in menswear in apparel for 20+ years, and while I don’t jam it down y’alls throats a lot, it’s my trade and my passion. This collaboration or any of my products are not “jumping the shark” they are an extension of TSY and represent and celebrate artistry, authenticity, collaboration, craft & quality. Regarding the bags specifically, I myself like the irony of TSY lady friends out in public with a bag or tee that reads “WHO THE FUCK is TSY?” in old school Cooper Black font… let’s shake it up a little, OK?

      Thanks for the note!

  1. My one and only criticism of these is the whole contrived “Limited Edition” routine… with the implication that somehow these’ll become in any way shape or form… Collectors Items. Fact is contrived collectables never become the collectors items their purchasers are hoping for… and anyway. The better tactic would of been to make these available as long as demand remains: manufacturing them on an On Demand basis. If y’all’d done that, as well as offering them via the phone/USPS [internet security becoming a serious issue now for everybody]… you’d have my $285 in hand…. 34 waist… 36″ inseam. Oh well… maybe another project.

  2. I actually scrolled down to congratulate you, JP, and say how much I’m absolutely digging the details of these jeans–from obvious components like the lightning bolt stitching and the leather waistband patches to more subtle elements like the stitch pattern of the pockets and the numbered fabric at the fly.

    And Sam and Guitar, while I understand your concern, this truly feels like anything but a cash-grab to me, and not like a pull for collectors. Looking at JP’s track record, I a) believe JP when he talks about the passion put into this and b) assume he’d much rather the purchaser be riding some old-school chopper over keeping it framed away.

    Not a fanboy, really not a fanboy, (promise) but this is striking me as one of the few honest collaborations around.

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