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Many thanks to Cool Material for featuring TSY style picks from my favorite makers & peeps!

  • Iron & Resin Rambler Jacket, Black – $240
  • Billy Kirk Double Prong Belt – $99
  • See See Motor Coffee Tee – $25
  • Norman Porter NP-01 Japanese Selvedge Denim – $248
  • RRL Japanese Indigo Chambray Workshirt – $195
  • Wolveriine Stockton 1000 Mile Engineer’s Boot – $495
  • Poler Riding Pack – $90
  • Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses – $200
  • Tanner Goods Travel Wallet – $95


6 thoughts on “TSY x COOL MATERIAL | WEAR THIS

  1. This stuff falls under the general heading of work clothes. $ 195 for a chambray workshirt ? $ 248 for a pair of jeans ? Somebodies seriously lost the plot or this is the worse joke ever. I love TSY please tell me it’s the worse joke ever.

    OK, I’m 67 and live in Ireland but I’m wearing Levis, a tee shirt and Thorogood 8 inch work boots. They’re half the price of Redwings and at least the same quality. When did this stuff get expensive and stylish ? To wrap it up, I ride a 1968 Triumph Bonneville and a 1970 Husqvarna and I drive an old Mini. Do I make the cut ? All my stuff is what I need. Maybe we left the States for the rural tip of the Beara Peninsula after this happened. We wore, rode and drove this stuff because that’s what we could afford. I must have missed something again.

    • I’m in the menswear biz, so color me more effected than the average bear. I love it.

      And all I can say is that among many these days there is an appreciation for the design, materials, make, and quality of goods like what’s featured here. I’m not here to convert anyone who isn’t into it. I understand that it’s not everyone’s thing, and that’s totally cool. I wear Levi’s most of the time too. Some are vintage, valuable, and have special meaning and significance to me…and some I purchased at Dillard’s for 30 bucks. They’re all good in my eyes.

      The Norman Porter jeans featured are raw Japanese denim woven on specialized looms, using most likely premium African cotton grown just for it, dyed with real deal indigo, etc. Each pair is cut one at a time, from handmade patterns, sewn by hand by one dude in his workshop in Philly, who also hand-stamps the limited-run grommets on, makes the leather labels that he sews on, etc…all with incredible attention to detail and love for his craft. This is what gets him up every morning, doing what he loves, creating goods that are special and have measurable quality and value to himself and his customers wanting that type of product. If you saw the jeans in the flesh, you’d definitely appreciate everything that’s gone into them. You may not have a place in your life for $250 jeans though, and I get that too.

      Some folks dig it, others may not see the value in it, or even give a rat’s ass. That’s totally cool man, I get it. No one is wrong, it’s all in the eye of the beholder, and what you personally value.



    • These days, in shallow America, it’s how much you spent to look a certain way. Of course that’s they key, how much the stuff cost you. I get a 700 dollar leather jacket, it’s leather and it has to be made right. But I have to say the expensive stuff looks too contrived to me, too fake. I rock 501s, white t-shirts, black boots. To me that’s cool, grease-ball, Rock n Roll. You got it, sir. The expensive stuff is for the wannabes.

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