Thor Drake and the See See Motor Coffee Co. crew have put together this great little video that perfectly captures the essence of The One Motorcycle Show that went down back in February. I will personally never forget it, as many new friendships were formed that will last for a long time to come. I remember having a strong longing to attend, having exchanged emails and admiration for many of the good folks involved in the show– particularly Thor and photographer Ray Gordon. So I headed out solo on my birthday weekend not knowing exactly what to expect– and it turned out to be absolutely the right call. The people and energy were amazing, as everyone was super-positive and inclusive in a way was genuine and inspiring. There were more amazing bikes there than you could shake a stick at– but it was truly the unity of the people coming together to celebrate and support one another that made it such an amazing experience. It felt like family, and that’s probably the best compliment that one can pay.


1970 Triumph T100C 500cc “Lemon Drop” — the winner of the “lots and lots of polishing” award at The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, 2013.

See more photos of The One Motorcycle Show here


  1. What a great video. So glad it was done in black and white. Lets the viewer see everything without accent of color. I’m a car person, but bikes are just as much a part of what I love. I’ll be sharing the video with a friend who adores his bike.

  2. The sad thing about the ‘ One’ show ( that I’d never attend ) is that from one end of the floor to the other there’s hardly an original thought , idea or design to be found ( other than Shinya’s bikes ) with every bike to a number being a sad and poorly crafted pastiche of a distant past those trying to emulate barely have any comprehension of . Truly the ‘ One ‘ is but one more fine example of Hipster Celebration of the Mundane . Inane and occasionally Profane in a pathetic and vain attempt to prove once again … that they stand for absolutely nothing , have nothing to offer , bring nothing to the game … and in fact are the very definition of Nihilism .

    Pathetic sums it up in a nutshell

    • The truly sad thing is that you never have attended the show, and I think you’d have a much different experience than the one you’ve described. There are folks from all walks of life and age groups, not just what you like to call hipsters, who stand shoulder to shoulder in community, sharing stories, laughs, drinks and their love of bikes. And there’s a huge variety of bike styles and level of builds – from the imperfect to the perfectionistic and over-the-top. That’s the beauty of it – each bike is a story of the builder, his lifestyle, outside interests and regional influences, etc. It’s a pretty amazing experience unlike any other show. Sure beats the shit outta the IMS.

      • Well Said JP. It’s not just another parking lot, look at my pretty or rare bike show. It’s the God damn One Motorcycle Show and for the time being it’s in a league of it’s own.

  3. It should not be this complicated…. If it make the heart happy. If it makes your mind excited… then its on ! Man this stuff looks clean to me.

  4. The first couple of years they put it on it was turely a great bike show. I have gone every year and it has strayed each year further from what is was. It is now mainly a show of hipster bikes, choppers and bikes that don’t belong in a show. That said they always have a couple of great bikes that are on display that amaze. I will say they have something for everyone now. What do you expect for free anyway???

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