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Matt Smith (Smoke and Throttle) is the host of Retro Moto TV– here with a vintage Norton Manx.


Through authentic content and the tenacious dedication of four single-minded PA motorcycle enthusiasts (John Lawless, Ed Buffman, Matt Smith, and Sheldon Brown), Retro Moto has garnered a lot of exposure, and gained strong interest. Motorweek —  the longest running automotive show in America — aired the first segment in January, and will run another in April. The ultimate goal is to launch Retro Moto as a full-blown program, that Ed Buffman would say — “…is truly about the love of vintage motorcycles, and celebrates the people that love them, work on them and ride them, without any phony stuff tied into it. Retro Moto hasn’t found a home yet because of the nature of reality television. They have all these shows, that we all know aren’t real. They have made-up scripts with somebody being stupid, somebody being smart, to create this made-up drama. That’s not what we’re about.”

Let me just say — This show is going to happen. The time is right, and it’s just too damn good a concept. This is a show for us, the people. We are the primaries, and we are the audience. So if you want to get involved, reach out to me. You can partner in Retro Moto’s success by becoming a sponsor. We’ll build this thing together — it’s about community — always has been in our world. That’s who we all are, and it’s what we do. We go out and make it happen ourselves — we don’t wait for the mainstream world to bless us and pat us on the head. No thanks — Fuck that.

Buy me a beer and talk to me at The One Motorcycle Show Friday or Saturday, or email me at info@selvedgeyard.com — I’ll tell you more about it, and how easy it is to get involved. I’ll then put you in touch with the guys and we’ll get this thing rollin’.

Cheers, JP

retro moto tv set matt smith norton manx

Matt Smith (Smoke and Throttle) is the host of Retro Moto TV– here with a vintage Norton Manx.




  1. So far, don’t dig the host. Seems like a young kid who likes bikes, but doesn’t know much about em. His enthusiasm is great, but I’d rather see a host that knows of what he speaks. Should have made David Hailwood the host. With Matt Smith, it seems like the demographic for the show will be mostly the current crop of hipster kids trying to reenact the cafe scene of the 60s. If I see another kid in an ill-fitting 3/4 helmet and overpriced jeans, I’m gonna jam a stick in his spokes….

    • Here lies the danger of judging a book by its cover – Matt’s dad was “Snuffy” Smith – (know who he is?) – and Matt grew up at the tracks and on bikes. He rebuilds and restores old Triumphs in his shop when he’s not busting his hump. Matt may have forgotten more about bikes than you ever knew to begin with. (Hey, as long as we’re judging people without knowing what we’re talking about…)

      If I hear another grumpy old fart play Lord / creator / guardian of motorcycle culture, I’m gonna jam a stick in his…

      • Withering, Jon. I think the kids would say, “someone got pwned”. They might also say, “if nobody’s hatin’ on you, you ain’t doing shit”. I for one am glad that there are people willing to share this history, period. One does not simply walk into vintage bike husbandry, and tidy pieces like this don’t just film and score themselves. Somebody needs to go for a ride…. -JC

      • Touche’…….

        However, if this kid grew up around bikes, you’d think he’d be smart enough to wear proper riding gear instead of trying to look cool like the current crop of hipsters. There’s nothing less cool than smacking your face on the pavement while wearing an open helmet (ask me how I know…).

  2. Hi, I am 63 yrs old and I have been a motorcyclist for 50 yrs. The last 30 yrs I got involed in Norton’s. I own 2 Norton now, 1. 1967 N15cs 2. 1969 Commando S model. The N15cs is very rare with only about 1500 made and mine I was toll by the pureset as one of the best in the world. There are only about 200 of these running in the world. The Commando set for 23 yrs and I finealy restored it. I try to bring my bike back to stock. I am interested in your show but I am retired and on a strick budjet and can’t do as much as I like to do anymore. I am also a President of a Norton motorcycle chapter in the International Norton Owners Assoc. (INOA) of USA, Can. & Mexico.

    • I have to say this page is not what I thought it was. I am a stock restorer of Norton motorcycles. I don’t mind other ideas of Cafe” or any altoring off stock but don’t have that in my shop! Now if you would like to do a short on my Norton’s lets do it! Just starting on a paint job on my 69 Norton Commando S from Black to Candy Apple Red with silver metal flake base. Now this is not stock and will be discussed at concourse shows but I like Candy red. Good luck with your show idea but I think I am lost here.

  3. ” True ” motorcycle lovers don’t beg for alms … nor do they resort to the ironic ‘ Hipster ‘ thing in order to appear more savvy then they are .. and neither do they rely on their gene pool to validate their existence . Great idea for the show ….but what I’m saying is does the ‘ kid ‘ have what it takes in the real world to pull it off ?

    On Irony & ‘ Hipsters ‘ ;

    ” When it ( irony ) is not employed as an honest device of classical rhetoric the purpose of which no healthy mind can doubt for a moment , it becomes a source of depravity ” Thomas Mann

    As to the ” jam a stick ” bit …. might I suggest that though I’m plenty old enough to have brought you into this cold cruel world of ours JP …. I’m still plenty ‘ bad ‘ enough to take you out of it . Not that I want to mind you ! Just responding in kind .. with a bit of humor I hope to your idle ‘ threat ‘ 😉

  4. Bikes are a sensory pleasure, right? Summer backroads on an old Triumph, roosting your chums with the smoke and dirt from a 2-stroke mx-er hard on the pipe, or roll your eyeballs back on the latest 190mph missile at the racetrack. Mix up any of the above according to your taste. I love them all. (Maybe draw the line at taking the GSXR through the whoops but….)

    Let’s keep an open mind. Motorcyclists are a pretty small family, all told.

    Love the site by the way…..

  5. Hope this thing is a massive success. Lost all interest in the 3hp more, 2 lbs lighter superbike nonsense years ago. Real bikes and no Sr. vs Jr. bullshit that probably turned more people off the trades than your lesbian guidance counselor ever did.

  6. Looks interesting, even for non-riders. Featuring strictly vintage bikes of every stripe is a great concept, different from the creative direction of Velocity’s Cafe Racer. That show has been somewhat entertaining, but it’s too specific which limits it’s appeal. Plus, if I never hear another Yank talk about “doin’ the ton” ever again, it would be too soon.

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