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This is the one bike show NOT to miss, so get ready to head to Portland and have a blast. Featuring bikes by Chabbott Engineering, See See Motorcycles, Deus Ex Machina, Roland Sands, G&H Cycles, 4Q Conditioning, and more… James Hammarhead had mentioned he’d be there too, hope that’s true! Also, there will hand-painted Bell helmets by over 21 artists, food, drink, merch, music, and more.

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  1. I follow your facebook page and saw this about Portland Or. I am from Portland and have been involved with motorcycles there. I have a photo of Cycle Hub, Cliff Majors shop on Sandy Blvd. taken in the early 1970’s. If you want a jpg I will send it to you, tell me where to send it. Cliff was quite the character and had a very unique shop. He sold the first ramp to Knivel, Cliff was doing these jumps in the 1950’s. Anyway, amazing shop.

  2. Actually this is the ” ONE ” bike show Worldwide I’d go out of my way to avoid at all cost ! ” The One ‘ being IMO the most pretentious and pathetic ‘ Hipster Suburban Urban Wanna Be ‘ non talent – non custom excuse of a motorcycle show ever devised .Their annual ” 21 Helmets ” is beyond laughable and delving into the absurd . How in the ___ that bunch ever convinced the likes of Chabott to appear is beyond me . To put a blunt edge on it … you couldn’t pay me enough to be within 100 blocks of the ‘ One ‘ never mind walk in the door . ” Portlandia ” for Hipster M/C wanna be’s pretty much sums up ” The One ” in a nutshell .

    Honestly after this post my respect for TSY may of slipped down a notch . My respect for Chabott for attending this farce may have also done like wise . So much for a pleasant Sunday afternoon . Thanks 😉

    • So you didn’t see any nicely crafted bikes when you attended? No rare cycles? Oh right, you were obviously too busy looking at what all the “hip” people where wearing to notice the craftsman ship, camaraderie and sharing of ideas and info of our hobby. The people who put this show on, eat sleep and breath motocyclyes and they work really hard on producing this unique show every year. You have either never been to or just flat out miss the point. Either way yoir critique holds no water.

    • @Guitarslinger –

      Maybe you should change your handle to “shitslinger”.

      Why so bitter? Sorry your best days are behind you and now you’re sitting on the porch in your rocking chair cursing at the world.

    • @Guitarslinger –

      Sorry that you won’t be there. You sound like cool guy to hangout with. A real laugh-a-minute guy. What are you going to shit on next?

    • Let me guess, you’ve been watching American Chopper re-runs and felt you needed some drama of your own? I don’t get the whole hipster thing either – I need more room than skinny jeans will allow – and I’m not sure how Portland became Mecca for these guys, but I try to avoid judging someone’s character by their personal style. I have met a few of these builders you are so quick to dismiss and they’re a great bunch of people and the bikes I have seen have been nothing to sneer at either.

      • Hey, look, I know – skinny jeans ain’t for everybody. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover, is right.

        Very well said, thank you.


  3. Made it to the 2012 and 2013 shows and I’ll be there again next year. Skinny jeans and PBR aren’t my thing, but it’s still a helluva show. I do get a few good laughs at the expense of some of these city boys who must work for hours to craft and refine their “dirty” look, but most are VERY cool and will talk shop for hours if you have the time. I’ll tell you another thing, I’ve been spinning wrenches for 35 years and a few of these guys will surprise you with what they know. Never wholly dismiss someone because of what they wear or look like, you never know who’s out there that you can learn something from.

    • Hah, the PBR! Why, in the name of all that is good and right in the universe, would you have a motorcycle show in the middle of one of the most beer rich cities in the US (if not the world) and only serve that foul swill? At least the coffee was good.

      Awesome collection of bikes. From the chopped Trail 90 to MV Agusta race bikes to the obligatory Harley section, there was something for everyone. Even saw a XV920R almost a dead ringer for my own current project.

      Some of the younger ‘net generation wind up learning skills that are thought of as all but dead art, simply because they googled how to do it and no one told them they couldn’t!

  4. Incredible Moto Show! I’m a Ptown resident and was BlownAway by Thor Drake & the Crew @ The One Moto Show. Portland is STILL a small town but the Moto Show was THE EVENT here in the off season for bikes. I have to agree with the experts…….How in the HELL does Thor raise the bar! Enjoy the moment my Moto Brethren!

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